Research on Capitol Hill

Presenter and Co-Presenter(s)

Jackie Sullivan, Utah State UniversityFollow


Jon M. Huntsman School of Business


Management Department

Faculty Mentor

Briggs Depew


This study replicates a study by Peter Hinrichs; which found affirmative action bans negatively affect within institution graduation rates for minorities and the fraction of minorities who graduate from selective institutions. Since then, five more states have implemented affirmative action bans. (Figure 1)

Although the effects of affirmative action bans are not clear, research suggests underrepresented minority students (black, Hispanic, and Native American) experience:

  • Lower graduation rates overall
  • Lower graduation rates from quantitative-intense degrees
  • A higher likelihood of being first generation college student

Research supports the economic value of higher education for students, colleges, and society, and its ability to improve human capital acquisition and labor market discrimination.

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