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Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory and PRBO Conservation Science Independent Publication

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This guide was written for anyone interested in learning about the most common bird species in sagebrush habitats, and it contains some general information about what people can do to help them survive. We focus on 40 of the most common species and organize them according to their relationships to each other. For example, hawks are grouped together, sparrows are grouped together, et cetera.

In the first few pages of the guide we present descriptions of some of the main types of plant communities found within the sagebrush region of the Intermountain West (the area of North America stretching from the Rocky Mountains westward to the Cascades and Sierra Nevada). Along with these descriptions are some overarching concepts to aid in the conservation, restoration, and management of this valuable and fragile ecosystem. After the habitat descriptions, you will find profiles of some of the most common species of birds that nest in sagebrush.

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