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Sink Hollow Volume 10



This year felt like a thunderstorm. Rain pelting down on us so hard it burns. Lightning strikes so stark we have to close our eyes. Thunder rumbling so ominously we feel it deep in our bones. So many things we hold dear have been lost in this storm.

But something we have found is the human ability to feel a raw and powerful pain. We are intrinsically bound to each other, to nature, and to this world by the pain we feel. A pain so powerful and deep you feel it is sucking you under and drowning you.

The pieces in this issue explore this pain.

As I write this editor's note, my last one as Editor in Chief of Sink Hollow, I find myself much more emotional than I thought I would be. It's painful to leave something that has been so influential in my life for so many years. Something that has seen both the best and the worst of me. As you read this issue, I hope you feel the pain that has rained down on me. But, as you close the last pages, I hope you are able to look up and feel renewed.

Sometimes some water on the head is a new start.

Brianne Sorensen

Editor in Chief