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Sink Hollow Volume 7



This issue marks my last as both an undergraduate student and as Sink Hollow's Editor-in-Chief. I have been with this precious publication since I was a freshman, new and green in the creative writing world.

My time with Sink Hollow has been invaluable. It has given me a deep appreciation for the vulnerability of creators and writers alike who share their work with us. It is terrifying to not only bring your creativity into actuality, but to share it publicly for the world to see. I have sat back in awe through every submission period at the bravery of all our artists and writers who find a home in our publication.

I thank every submitter for making our publication possible. Without your bravery, we wouldn't exist.

I'd also like to thank the people that made my tenure as Editor-in-Chief possible. Thank you to Robb Kunz, who has been a teacher, a cheerleader, and a friend, to my staff who works tirelessly to ensure the quality of this publication, and to Dax Lehman, who taught me to trust my eye and have faith in the creative process.

I am so grateful for my time with this magazine. It is, of all the things I've done in my undergraduate career, my greatest accomplishment.

So, enjoy Issue 7. It is a triumph of transformative writing and art in all its forms. I am honored to have been even a small part of it.

Jess Nani