Article Title

Sink Hollow Volume 8



To make a magazine, we seek contrast and even the tension of contradiction.

We hunt for the words that defy experience, and experiences that defy words alone but must be captured by clever poetic contraptions and literary devices that violate the architecture of language and definitions in order to teach us what we can't know by conventional means. We crave the ingenious art of using words to drag meaning outside the semantic containment of words. There's contradiction! This is the skill of infusing words with the power to evoke emotion and connection. The work of the poet, the artist, the storyteller, is that of building connections and breaking the restraints of expectation.

As you dig into issue 8, I hope you get lost in the images. I hope you lift the words off the page by speaking them aloud. Consider that the eyes use a different part of the brain than the ears, and speech is older than written language. Words without voice are half dead, and these words deserve to have a life off the page. Poetry and stories—true or imagined—ought to dance around in the reader's mind and rattle things loose. These will if you permit them.

Sink Hollow is a vector for art and ideas. Art isn't just something beautiful or terrible or sad put into the world. It's not an object or a song or words or an image—it's whatever makes those who experience it, whatever it is, beautiful or terrible or sad along with it. The viewer, the reader, is where art is alive. The audience is the true medium—not canvas and paint, marble, or language. We hope you enjoy being art.

Marie Skinner

Editor in Chief