Serious reflection on the content of last year’s AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites has generated tremendous excitement about innovative new space missions. The possibility for revolutionary small satellite missions is now on the near horizon due to the host of new technologies that will soon be available. For this year’s 16th Annual Conference we will focus on these new “breakthrough” technologies and the mission applications they will facilitate by encouraging “out-of-the-box” thinking on new missions backed up by detailed descriptions of enabling breakthrough technologies, their potential, and status.

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Technical Session I: Existing & Near Term Missions
Technical Session II: Bold New Missions Using "Breakthrough Technologies" I
Technical Session III: Bold New Missions Using "Breakthrough Technologies" II
Technical Session IV: Innovative Mission Operation Concepts
Technical Session V: Advanced Technologies, Subsystems, Components & Sensors I
Technical Session VI: 10th Annual AIAA/USU Student Scholarship Competition
Technical Session VII: Launch Systems & Orbital Maneuvering
Technical Session VIII: Advanced Technologies, Subsystems, Components & Sensors II
Technical Session IX: Science & Exploration
Technical Session X: Lessons Learned
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