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Saturday, August 5th
12:00 AM

Development of a Smart High-Power Battery for CubeSats

David Wright, PUMPKIN, Inc.
Andrew Kalman, PUMPKIN, Inc.
Dov Jelen, PUMPKIN, Inc.

12:00 AM

Distributed Spacecraft Mission Design: Goddard’s Trade-space Analysis for Constellations (TAT-C)

Jacqueline Le Moigne, NASA Goddard
Philip Dabney, NASA Goddard
Olivier de Weck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Veronica Foreman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Paul Gorgan, Stevens Institute of Technology
Matthew Holland, NASA Goddard
Steven Hughes, NASA Goddard
Sreeja Nag, Bay Area Environmental Research Institute

12:00 AM

Intelligent Space Assembly Robot (ISAR)

Dakota Wenberg, United States Naval Academy
Alex Hardy, United States Naval Academy
Thomas Lai, United States Naval Academy
Kevin Guo, United States Naval Academy
Colton Tingler, United States Naval Academy
Christopher Wellins, United States Naval Academy
Bianca Castaneda, United States Naval Academy
Jin Kang, United States Naval Academy

12:00 AM

Mission Assurance Framework for Small Satellite Missions

Matthew Capella, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Peter Yoo, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Daniel Cunningham, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Cherry Wakayama, SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific

12:00 AM

NASA's Cube Quest Challenge: Ground Tournament 4 Results and Technology

Elizabeth Hyde, Millennium Engineering and Integration
Jim Cockrell, NASA Ames Research Center

12:00 AM

Satellite Identification Imaging for Small Satellites Using NVIDIA

Nick Buonaiuto, COSMIAC at UNM
Mark Louie, COSMIAC at UNM
Jim Aarestad, COSMIAC at UNM
Rohit Mital, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.
Dennis Mateik, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies Inc.
Robert Sivilli, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate
Apoorva Bhopale, Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate
Craig Kief, COSMIAC at UNM
Brian Zufelt, COSMIAC at UNM

12:00 AM

Shape-Memory Alloy Actuators for Small Satellites

Richard Welle, The Aerospace Corporation
Jerry Fuller, The Aerospace Corporation
Brian Hardy, The Aerospace Corporation

12:00 AM

Standardizing the CubeSat Standard: A review of the Core Elements of the CubeSat Design Specification

Jeroen Rotteveel, Innovative Solutions In Space BV

12:00 AM