Raising Children: Surprising Insights From Other Cultures

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Cambridge University Press

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Why, in some parts of the world, do parents rarely play with their babies and never with toddlers? Why, in some cultures, are children not fully recognized as individuals until they are older? How are routine habits of etiquette and hygiene taught—or not—to children in other societies? Drawing on a lifetime’s experience as an anthropologist, David Lancy takes us on a journey across the globe to show how children are raised differently in different cultures. Intriguing, sometimes shocking, his discoveries demonstrate that our ideas about children are recent, untested, and often in stark contrast with those in other parts of the world. Lancy argues that we are, by historical standards, guilty of overparenting, of micromanaging our children’s lives. Challenging many of our accepted truths, his book will encourage parents to think differently about children, and, by doing so, to feel more relaxed about their own parenting skills.

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