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High Leverage Practices for Intensive Interventions

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Kristen R. Rolf

Timothy A. Slocum



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Highly effective instruction for struggling learners requires both excellent instructional materials and excellent interactive teaching that delivers instruction clearly and responds to students’ unique needs and strengths. Explicit Instruction is an evidence-based approach to both designing materials and delivering instruction that is effective for a wide range of learners. It has been shown to be effective for teaching many types of academic content (e.g., reading, writing, mathematics, science) and with students ranging from kindergarten to high school. It is comprised of 16 inter-related elements (see Table 1) that contribute to the effectiveness of the overall system (Archer et al., 2011). Explicit Instruction is designed to systematically prepare students to learn complex skills, present information clearly and unambiguously, support students to engage in new skills while receiving feedback, reduce support as students gain skills, and provide sufficient practice so that students are able to independently apply their new skills in a wide variety of situations.

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