The Development and Validation of a Special Education Intelligent Administration Support Program

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U.S. Department of Education

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A brief narrative description of the journal article, document, or resource. This project studied the effects of implementing a computerized management information system developed for special education administrators. The Intelligent Administration Support Program (IASP), an expert system and database program, assisted in information acquisition and analysis pertaining to the district's quality of decisions and procedures in the process of student classification, placement, and the individual education plan (IEP). Output from the IASP was also used to support and monitor staff development activities. Assessment of baseline data from special education files of students who had been classified as learning disabled or intellectually handicapped revealed that existing school district interventions to reduce errors in student classification, placement, and the IEP process had been ineffective. A mentor team approach was established in four elementary schools using specially trained teachers to advise special education teachers in reviewing referrals for special education assessment. This approach resulted in reduced errors in assessments and decision making regarding students, compared to three secondary schools which did not use the mentor approach. Forms and samples of the IASP summary report, district intervention data, the classification tracking form, the classification consultation report, and corresponding graphs related to Chow statistics are appended. (Contains 27 references.) (SW)


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