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Date Collected

Winter 12-2017

Place item was collected

Smithfield, Utah


Stephen Robb

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Stephen Robb (LDS) was born in Neola, Utah he is the second eldest in his family of 4 children. His father is Theron Robb and his Mother Carma Robb who passed away in 2007. He runs his father’s painting business along with his brothers Derek and Mike Robb. He has many past times, but one of his favorites is wood making he can make many things but loves making bowls, pens, tables. He is married to Terri Robb and has 3 children all which they adopted. He has many great family stories, and he loves to tell them to anyone who will hear them.


Everyone loves Sunday dinner at our house, it is a tradition every Sunday night to have dinner with the whole family. We always have a big dinner that is typically a roast or a pasta dish. It’s always really good food. We meet around 6 at my parent’s house in Smithfield, Utah. We tell each other about our weeks, or what activities are coming up for us to do/ what we want to do. We than clean up together and typically play a game, our favorite game to play together Is Redneck life. It is so much fun and we all enjoy it, we than have some dessert that my sister Bre and brother in law Dustin bring, and watch a movie or tv show while we eat it. I interviewed my dad on night after we got together to ask him what he thinks of this family tradition to meet every Sunday night.


I think it’s fun to meet every Sunday, your mom always makes good food, we get to spend some time together and play fun games, I think it’s great. I also love it because I win most of the time with our games. [Laughs] No, its just good to have that one day a week where we can all be together as a family and I love it.


He was happy to talk to me about this subject. He loves getting together on Sunday’s. He also does not win at almost every game like he said but occasionally he does. I believe that if we all stay close to home as we grow up we will continue this tradition, soon we can bring our kids. I also plan to carry this tradition out when I have a family, it is crucial in my opinion to have that family time to talk and to destress from the week and get ready for a new week with confidence.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G1: Groups/Social Customs

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