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Fall 12-2-2017

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USU Library


Savannah Gray

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Savannah is from Henderson Nevada, she is a white 21 year old female. She is currently studying to be a kindergarten teacher here at Utah State and she is a Junior. She went to the nunnery in her freshman year.


I asked Savannah to tell me her story while sitting in the library on Utah State’s campus. Because of that she had to speak in a quiet tone, and there was very little animation in her voice.


We had heard that nuns who were pregnant or had broken rules were sent there as sort of a punishment and to exile them from other nuns. We heard that one nun had had her baby while up there. She wanted to run away with the baby so that they couldn’t take it away. She set her baby in the woods so that at night she could come back and grab the baby and run. When she went back to get her baby it wasn’t there and the other nuns had drowned it in the pool. So a group of friends and I went to the nunnery and were walking around exploring the different houses and rooms. We were the only people up there at that time. We had heard that the pool was haunted since that’s where the baby had died. We decided to stand in the pool and we were laughing about it being haunted. The pool house, or the room closest to the pool’s door was open and as we were laughing it slammed shut. Since we were the only people up there it freaked us out and we ran back to the car.


Savannah is the only person that I interviewed that I did not personally go to the nunnery with. The way that she told the story made it clear that she did not believe in the legend, especially when she brought up that she laughed when down in the swimming pool. It seemed like the reason that she ran was more of a fear of someone else closing the door rather than a spirit.


Introduction to Folklore/ENGL 2010


Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2017


G7: Supernatural or Supernormal Characters or Creatures

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