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Haden GriggsFollow

Date Collected

Fall 11-15-2017

Place item was collected

West Jordan, UT


Lucy Foskett

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Lucy Foskett is the fourth of the six Foskett siblings, and a senior in high school. Like the rest of the Foskett siblings, I have known her my whole life. She was seventeen at the time of the interview. She is generally shyer than her sisters, though if you can get her talking or with her friends she is pretty goofy. She plays video games, the piano and studies languages in her free time, and works part time after school.


I had spoken with, Karen, Lucy’s Mom, about coming to West Jordan to collect some Slenderman Folklore from her kids and their friends, so she had informed them all and arranged me to meet with them after school. Sophie didn’t tell her that I was coming to pick them up at school, and I forgot she was there, so I actually didn’t give her a ride home. When she came home from work, and while waiting for her friend, Hailey, to come over, she gave me this info.


Lucy: Okay, well I first heard about him at school, cause all the kids were playing it,

Me: Playing what? Lucy: (on computers) Me: Oh? Lucy: (playing Slenderman.)

Lucy: Yeah, and the school blocked it, but they found out how to, download it anyway, just like they did with minecraft. But, I only played the game like one time. ‘Cause I was too scared. Also--[I chuckle] I was twelve at the time. [She laughs] Umm, I haven’t heard, a ton about folklore. Just, uh, those, girls, stabbing that other girl. And I guess Abbey’s story, but. [I chuckle]

Yeah. Um, we did a youtube video about it.

Me: Tell me about that.

Lucy: Well, it wasn’t, it wasn’t too much about him we wanted to make a horror movie ‘cause Hailey was, and, is, still, uh, like, really, kind of, very into making, movies, so she wanted to do a horror movie and that was the hot topic at the time, so that’s what we did, but. Yeah, but it’s not too much about Slenderman, or the folklore or anything.

Me: So, you don’t know anything about like, what he looks like, what he does, those kinds of things? Lucy: (Well, yeah,) I know what he looks like. No face, and very tall, and, yeah. He kills ya, if he sees you, his mouth, you like look at him. I don’t know. Like that.


Lucy didn’t seem to think that she had much to offer, she seemed to have had a predefined idea of what folklore was from hearing me earlier or from hearing from her mom that I was there to collect folklore. She didn’t think she knew much, though she had a lot to share about the game, and their experiences on it. She didn’t seem like she wanted to share too much, and seemed a little embarrassed that she had ever had anything to do with, defending herself as being young when she had been scared. She also downplayed her movie, like it was a dumb thing. But some of that may have been her wariness at being recorded.


Introduction to Folklore: English 2210


Dr. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


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