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Riverton, Utah


Deborah Ivie

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Deborah Ivie is a 48 year old female, and the mother of 7 children. She grew up in Denver, Colorado, and moved to Riverton, Utah, when she was 12. She now lives in West Jordan Utah. She went to Bingham High, and graduated from Brigham Young University with a masters in child development. She now works at a charter school running their after school club and service programs. She is very close to her family. Some of her hobbies include playing the guitar and singing. In college, she worked the summers at an LDS girls camp (she is LDS).


My mom sung this song when I asked her if she had any ideas on what I could add to my collection project. We were in my grandmother’s backyard, and it was around 4pm. Some of my siblings were swinging on the swing set next to us, and some were playing soccer in front of us, so it was a bit chaotic. This song would normally be sung as a lullabye. She first learned it when working in college at Brighton, an LDS girls camp.


“Too ooo day while the blosams, still cling to the vine. I’ll taste your strawwwberries, I’ll hear your sweet rhymes. A m i l l i o n, t o m o r r o w s, shall a l l pass away, ere I for get, all the j o y that is mine todaaay. I can’t be cooontented with yesterday’s gloories, I can’t live oon promises, win ter to spring. To day is my moment, and now is my story. Who cares. What to morr ow may bring.”


My mom was happy to sing this song, even though we weren’t where it’s normal context is. She sung it faster than she normally sings it, but was nevertheless enthusiastic. This song is sung in a hopeful tune, louder than most lullabies. She sometimes chokes up when she sings this song; you can tell that she has quite a few memories attached to it. When asked what importance it holds to her, she talked about how we are all growing up too fast, and she’s learned to treasure the little moments.


Introduction to Folklore/English 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2017


G5: Child and Young Adult Songs

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