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Date Collected

Fall 11-25-2017

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North Logan, Utah


Ashton Reaveley

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Ashton Reaveley is my younger brother and he is 13 years old and he lives in North Logan, Utah. He is in the eighth grade and he plays drums and is in his school band. He also plays competitive basketball.


I interviewed my brother about this game in my bedroom while I sat at the desk in the room and he sat on the floor. It was sometime during the late afternoon on a Saturday. This game is typically played on a trampoline, where the “egg” sits in the middle, curled up with their knees under their chin and their arms around their legs, and the rest of the players are positioned around the egg. My brother said that the game was normally played with siblings and cousins, but I remember playing it with some adults in the family as well, but never more than one adult at a time.


Me: How do you play “crack the egg?”

Ashton: You have one person in the middle of the tramp...and they would have their hands around their knees, and other people would try to bounce them around and no matter what happened they couldn’t let... their knees away from their hands – like they couldn’t spread out, they had to stay in their position and we always played it with our... um, my sister and our cousins.


Before I interviewed my brother, he was joking around a lot, but he stopped during the interview and stayed focused. He was pretty relaxed during the interview and he only paused or corrected himself a few times. He had a slightly bored tone and he wasn’t very enthusiastic in describing the game as a younger child might have been.


Introduction to Folklore (ENGL 2210)


Lynn McNeil

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Fall 2017


G6: Elimination Games

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