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Date Collected

Winter 12-5-2017

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Hyrum, Utah


Aubrey Squires

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

I was raised in Provo, and in West Jordan. I currently live in Hyrum, Utah. I am a 29 year old Caucasian female. I am the only girl out of 4 children and I am the second oldest. My whole family is LDS and very religious. I am a Utah State University undergraduate student. I work as a molding sander at Homestead Cabinets. I like writing books, spending time watching movies with family, and working in my friend’s garden whenever I can. I also enjoy collecting things that bring meaning to my life, like the items in this collection piece.


When I was growing up my parents would occasionally go on trips and leave us kids behind. I would request that they return with a souvenir from their destination spot. I wanted these items to remind me of where they went. They would bring me back jewelry, key chains, pins, rocks, stones, and sometimes seashells. Anytime I went with my mom out of state, like to California, I would ask if we could stop at the gift store. I would buy a key chain or a stuffed animal to bring back home. The first item that I bought from the gift shop was a ballerina bear clip. Whenever my mom would go to the California beaches, she would bring me back seashells. Now that I am grown up I don’t receive these souvenirs from my parents any more. When my second youngest brother went on his LDS mission to Argentina, I asked him to bring me something back. He returned with a mini silver spoon and fork set that was displayed in a small clear box. My baby brother went on his LDS mission to Tahiti and I had him bring me back something as well. He returned with some seashell necklaces, pearls, and a wrap around skirt. A few years ago, I went to Las Vegas with my family and I bought m&m earrings, shirts, and Minnie Mouse jewelry. There was another time when I went to Oregon with my family, I bought a stackable penguin set from the Oregon zoo’s gift shop. I bought a pink bear with purple hearts from build a bear workshop in the mall. When I went to Moab Utah last year, I ended up buying somethings that would remind me of the trip. I picked up some dinosaur fabric from the quilting shop to make a baby blanket. I also bought rings and gathered rocks from my hike. Last year my friends took a trip to Hawaii and I asked them to bring me back something. They returned with two bracelets, a turtle key chain, and some sweet seashells from the beach. My daughter went to Lego Land California last summer and she brought me a penguin stuffed animal and some seashells. These two items were the last things I added to my collection.


The picture on the left is of the first souvenir I bought from a gift store in California when I was a kid. It is a small pink ballerina stuffed animal that I could clip onto my back pack. On the right side is a picture of some of the other souvenirs I’ve received from family, friends, and from myself.


These beautiful items are currently stored in a clear storage container in my bedroom, where it is hard to get to. That way no one will be tempted to play with them. They will stay there until I can buy a display case for them. When this happens, I will display them in my living room for everyone to see. The only rule that I’ll have is that no one is allowed to get them out. I want to keep them in perfect condition. The only time the display case will be opened is when we are adding things to it. I hope as a family, we can go on trips often and bring back things to add to the souvenir collection.


Intro to Folklore, English 2210


Lynne S. McNIEll

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Fall 2017


G8: Objects with/of Customary Use

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