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Fall 11-27-2017


Jackson Bean

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Jackson Bean. White 23 years old male. Lived the majority of my life in Utah. Spent 4 semesters at USU. Currently attending the University of Utah studying film.


Jackson is a someone shy person, and unless he is familiar with the group that he is with he tends to be more quiet than if he were around people he was comfortable with. He usually would not be one to bring up the story, however if it is brought up then he doesn’t hesitate to add his story. As you will see with his tale, he is a concise story teller and doesn’t give copious amounts of detail.


Every student that goes to USU hears the story of the Nunnery. How its haunted by the spirits of babies that were drowned in the swimming pool. During our sophomore year we went out to the Nunnery on a dark, rainy night. Which made it much creepier. We had a decent sized group, maybe a dozen or so. We went around looking at the spooky, run-down old buildings. Then we went inside the main building. There were bats flying around and signs that someone been their recently so after some brief exploration we left.


As you can tell, Jackson is a man of few words. He would never be one to bring up the subject of the legend of Saint Anne’s Retreat, in fact he didn’t even know that it was called Saint Anne’s, as it has always been referred to as “The Nunnery” whenever he has heard about it. He wouldn’t be the main story teller either, rather Jackson plays the role of “detail adder” in that if someone was telling the story and couldn’t recall a detail then Jackson would jump in and provide said detail. He is a skeptical person by nature and mostly joined the trip to play the role of the cynic rather than to experience the actual legend.


Introduction to Folklore/ ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeil

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Fall 2017


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