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Fall 11-2017

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Logan, Utah


Alexis Robb

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

My name is Alexis Robb and I am a Sophomore here at Utah State University, studying Psychology. I was born in Ogden, Utah, and shortly after I was born my family moved to Logan, Utah, we have been here ever since and love it! I enjoy playing volleyball, hiking, spending time with friends, and I love to travel and explore new places! Adventure is most definitely my middle name, well maybe not really, but it should be. I also enjoy spending time with me family and we are very close!


A very strange occurrence, dare I even say, “Paranormal thing” happened at my sisters old red brick home in Hyde Park back in October. I have always had a weird, creepy feeling when I go to their house. Especially when I go there alone to take care of there four dogs and four cats when they are out of town. I always get a sinking feeling in my stomach and I feel that someone is watching me or is in the house, I was told a long time ago that if you feel a breeze and get the shivers for no apparent reason a spirit is near. At her house that happens a lot. So, when I go I turn on all the lights and surround myself by the animals for a safe feeling. Well this one particular- night started out with the same creepy feeling, but proved to make a turn for the worse and to this day it still terrifies me to be alone at her house- I will not do it.


Whenever my sister and her family go out of town they ask me to watch their four cats and four dogs; with that many animals who wouldn’t fell protected by themselves? Well, one night I arrived too the house and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach like I always do at her creepy old house [Shiver from goose bumps] I fed the animals and went downstairs to watch a movie, all the animals were around me and everything was fine for a while until some of the cats went upstair-- not a huge deal but since I’m already paranoid every noise they made scared me. I kept hearing thumps like they kept jumping off the counters and they were meowing quite a bit. I just stayed watching my movie trying to assure myself it was nothing and If it was something maybe I didn’t want to find out. I suddenly heard an alarm like noise it was high pitched, I immediately called my sister, hesitant to go upstairs to investigate and I tried to hold the phone up to the noise and she freaked out and said get the animals and get out! Its probably the carbon monoxide alarm!! So, I ran upstairs and all the animals followed, probably thinking they were going to get a treat. I let them out the door directly above the stairs and I turned to go to the dining table in the kitchen to grab my keys where I typically leave them on my way in the house. I was in shock at what I found, I found the fridge wide open, freezer and fridge side! It was making a noise from being open for so long! I know you're probably thinking that’s not that scary, well I never opened the fridge, and I most definitely didn’t open the freezer! At this point I was still on the phone with my sister. I thought someone was in the house and I searched every room while she was on the other line. I found nothing. To this day, she does not believe me, and she thinks I left the fridge open accidentally. There is no way I did that, I paid no attention to the fridge, whatsoever. I will never know how to explain what happened, there is no way the cats could open this fridge, no possible way. Other than it being supernatural I have no excuse.


Thinking back to this day literally gives me chills. As I type this I feel uncomfortable and my parents are sitting close by. I will never know how it happened and maybe its best if I don’t. It’s not something I try to think about to often but when something similar happens or I encounter something creepy online I think back to this experience. My sister and her husband say that nothing like that has ever happened to them in that house and that they don’t get a weird feeling by living there however, and that makes the experience even creepier in a lot of ways.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G7: Unexplainable Phenomena

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