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Winter 12-5-2017

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Hyrum, Utah


Aubrey Squires

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

I was raised in Provo, and in West Jordan. I currently live in Hyrum, Utah. I am a 29 year old Caucasian female. I am the only girl out of 4 children and I am the second oldest. My whole family is LDS and very religious. I am a Utah State University undergraduate student. I work as a molding sander at Homestead Cabinets. I like writing books, spending time watching movies with family, and working in my friend’s garden whenever I can. I also enjoy collecting things that bring meaning to my life, like the items in this collection piece.


When I was growing up I had several neat Barbie dolls and Polly pockets. I had a Barbie car, a Paradise Lego set, and an American girl doll. When I was a teenager I was told to stop playing with dolls and get rid of them, so I gave them to a neighbor girl. I was very sad when I did, because I really liked those toys. I let it go until I was an adult and then I started hunting down all the old toys I used to have. I shopped on-line for all of these replacement items and spend somewhere around 500 dollars on rebuilding my toy collection. I had two favorite toys when I was growing up. The first one was the Lego set and the second was my pink Polly pocket toy. I liked the Lego set because it reminded me of a beautiful beach. I liked the Polly pocket toy because it had three very small furry cats in it. I loved cats when I was growing up. The saddest thing happened to my furry cat toys though. One day when I was playing with them near the heater vent, I accidently dropped them down the vent and was never able to get them back out. When I was replacing my toys, I found this Polly pocket set on e-bay and I bought it. After I had collected all the toys, I put them away somewhere safe. I only get them out when I want to, so my daughters and I can play with them at home. The rest of the time they are stored in a clear storage container in my room where it is hard to get to. I want to add my daughters’ toys into this collection too, because then they can show their children what they played with when they were growing up. I have already placed a few toys in the storage box for them. I placed some Disney Barbie dolls, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls in there.


The picture on the left shows several of the toys I played with when I was young. There are Barbie dolls, a Barbie car with keys and luggage, Polly pockets, Legos, and an American Girl doll. The picture on the right shows the Disney princess and Strawberry Shortcake dolls that my daughters play with now. They too are being added to this childhood toy collection.


I don’t have these toys out to play with because they are valuable and expensive. I also store them away, because I don’t want them to get damaged or lost. They stay in their container where it’s safe, just until I can find them a more permanent home. I only let my daughters play with them occasionally if I am watching them. Now I add my daughters’ dolls in there, so that a new collection piece can be made with the dolls she played with while she was growing up. They are added to my collection of childhood toys, because when my daughters grow up they can see the difference between the toys they played with and the next generation of toys. These toys have sentimental value to me and my daughters and every time we get them out we are reminded of all the memories that come with the toys.


Intro to Folklore, English 2210


Lynne S. McNIEll

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Fall 2017


G8: Objects with/of Customary Use

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My Collection of Toys

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My Daughter's Collection of Toys