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Informants apartment Logan, Utah


Brock Grimshaw

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Brock Grimshaw has played Dungeons and Dragons for 8 years and is a student attending Utah State University. Nathan Fisk was a player in one of the hundreds of games he has hosted.


B: When a player starts, and they borrow dice a big step is when they buy their own dice. Like I remember. Who was it? Nathan Fisk I think. Nathan Fisk borrowed dice he loved D&D, loved it wasn’t particularly good, but he really really loved it um. He was he was awesome to DM for because he was so excited always like he was kinda reminded me a bit of Travis, like he was in awe and like “Kay you’re gonna fight a dragon.” And all of a sudden he’s like *gasp of awe* “Yeeeeeeah” and he was really really happy and excited. S: mhm, B: so *stammers* when he bought his first pair of dice, that was like, a big deal. That was like a really. Giant moment and kinda like, he’s now drank the juice right? He drank the Kool-Aid and he kinda, the dice, was kinda like, he’s invested, he’s joined the community officially. So I dunno I guess the the dice itself because, the one thing that’s required to play Dungeons and Dragons is dice S: mhm you don’t need anything else you just- B: you don’t need anything else really just dice and, so I think dice is the one thing that every player has in common every game has in common. Because of that it makes an easy symbol, that’s what I would say.


When someone who plays Dungeons and Dragons buys himself a set of personal dice it is considered a rite of passage.


This was told with a very fond attitude toward the story almost a nostalgia as well as some introspection about the story in general. He speaks with pride about the young man gaining a new set of dice.


Intro to Folklore, ELNG2210


Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2017


G6: Socializing Games

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