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Fall 11-2017

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Logan, Utah (Terri's Home)


Terri Robb

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Informant: Terri Robb (LDS) was born in Ogden Utah in August 1966 and has sense moved around all over the western United States due to her father’s forest ranger career. She is a great mother to three kids, two girls and one boy. She does not yet have any grandkids but is anxiously waiting for them. She is 51, and has been married to my father Stephen Robb for 32 years. She loves to cook and bake and there is no doubt that was a big reason they fell in love, his love for food and her love for baking were the perfect match. She has a knack for everything creative from decorating to her baking, to her excellent quilt making.


Context: I interviewed Terri in our house one night, we had just finished our dinner and sat down to watch an episode of “Dancing with the stars.” We got to watching the show and decided we wanted a treat. We got out our old dusty recipe box and found a recipe that read “Grandma Robb’s sugar cookies.” We both smiled at each other and my mom said, “Your father would love if we made these.” My mom enjoyed making them, especially cutting them into cute holiday shapes. So, we got out the recipe and began to assemble the proper ingredients and tools we needed. I decided to use this as an opportunity to ask her about the cookies, and what they really mean to our family.


Text: When your father and I were first married…well really our first Christmas I had to make these cookies and none others. This recipe is in their opinion the best sugar cookie recipe. Every year since we have been married as you know we make your dad these cookies for Christmas. Of course, there is the Robb Christmas party to that we make them for. I really just like watching the kids decorate, and Since your grandma Robb passed away I just feel like it really makes us remember her and her memory during the holidays.

“Grandma Robb’s Sugar Cookies”

2 C. Sugar

½ c. Shortening

½ c. Butter or margarine

1 can canned milk, soured with 1T. Vanilla

¾ t. Salt

1t. Baking powder

3 sm. Or 2 lg. eggs

4 ½ c. Flour

1T. vanilla

1 t. Baking soda

1. Mix until stiff, add flour as needed.

2. Roll & cut out.

3. Frost if desired. (Recommended) (My Aunt Kelly’s copy)

4. Lightly grease pan.

5. Bake at 350 8 to 15 min.


Texture: My mom, Terri, seemed delighted when we found this recipe to make. She smiled from ear to ear. I think it made her recall all the years before of making these cookies and the memories that are attached to this recipe. She smiled at me and said, “Let’s make this one, these are always good!” so we pulled out all the ingredients and got to work as I asked her about why she wanted to make these cookies. I can also recall found memories of my mom making dozens of these cookies and us decorating them for hours, some turned our disastrous and others were so cute, but either way it was and is always a great time!


Introduction to folklore, ENGLISH 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeil

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Fall 2017


G1: Groups/Social Customs

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