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Zachary Grant BessFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-1-2017

Place item was collected

Logan, Utah


Sierra Wise

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Sierra Wise is an Art Student from Orem, Utah. She played Lacrosse in High School, and is quite athletic besides just being artistically inclined. She is often caught in weird situations between her personal life and her major. She was raised in the LDS Church and served an LDS mission in Guatemala. She is currently the Caine College of Arts Senator, on the USUSA Academic Senate, of which I am also a member. She also recently was told by current LDS Missionaries that she doesn’t look like a member, which she thinks is its own bit of bitter sweet.


We had been hanging out all night, Sierra, another friend of ours Allie, and my roommates were around. We had gone and got shakes and were now in my basement telling stories for the sake of telling stories. Recorded casually as they knew I was working on the project. We had all already shared some story about our current and past love lives and the first kiss stories started coming out. These stories are usually told in a similar setting, though not always with both genders present. I often tell similar stories only around my male friends, but all of us are close.


[Had explained to us that both Lacrosse team’s, male and female shared the same practice space and crossed over on practice times] Sierra: “A lot of us, the girls, would come early, and run and warm up, and the guys would like stay after their practice and there was like a thirty minute window when we all play together, and we just mess around, shoot on the goal, and it was like fun, it was a good way to make friends, like between the teams, and we were all pretty close. Like when the girls’ choice dances, like MORP [Prom backwards, a Utah term for girls’ choice dances] like the Anti-prom came around, we would go with the guys team and we would make them wear our jersey’s and we would wear theirs, and it was so funny, because ours were like tank tops on them stretched out, and theirs drown us like dresses, and it was just…, we thought it was so funny. And stuff like that, we would just do all the time. But they had two team captains, on their varsity team, and one of their captains was a year older than me, he’s like a senior, and he’s talking to me, and everyone is like ‘Sean’s into you’ and I’m like ‘no, he’s not, because he’s like a Senior and the captain of the lacrosse team, and I’m an Honors student and a dweeb, like NO he’s not into me, that’s not how it works’ and there like ‘no he’s totally into you.’” [Distracted by roommates] Sierra: “So anyways, we’d been like hanging out as teams together, and then it got to like my close friends on my teams with him and his friends, and then pretty soon, it’s just like him and I who are hanging out. But I’m still just dense, ya know what I mean? I’m just like ‘no, this guy’s not into me, that’s not what’s happening’ Anyways so we have mutual friends, and girls’ choice formal is coming up, and Sean, Matt, and I are playing wall-ball one night, and it’s late, and I hear Matt talking to Sean, and he thinks I can’t hear because I have earbuds in and he’s like ‘It’s my senior year, and I didn’t get asked to Girls’ choice formal’ –I wasn’t planning on going- ‘and I’m not going to get asked…’ So it all kind of weird, because it’s kind of a vulnerable conversation for two guys to be having, and I was like ‘SHOOT’ cause I hadn’t asked anyone, and so I tell Sean ‘I think I have to ask Matt” [Conversation diverges, but come back to pick up Sierra while she is sick, to go ask Matt] Sierra: “So I go drop the thing off at his house, still in my pajamas, still so sick, and Sean is like ‘how about we hang out, do you want to watch a movie?’ I’m like ‘No, I really just want to go home, I don’t feel good’ and he’s like ‘No, let’s go back to my place, I want to watch a movie’ and I’m like ‘I really, just want to go to bed honestly…’ and he’s like ‘no, we can just watch a show, like a TV show, it will be quick, let’s hang out let’s do something.’ And I’m like ‘Sean, I’m really sick.’ And so somehow he talks me into this and I’m like ‘Alright, I’m just going to fall asleep on your couch’ and we pull up to his house, and it turns out that his parents had this rule that if they weren’t home, he couldn’t have girls over, right? And he’s like ‘o can we go to your house’ and I’m like ‘sure. Fine. I don’t care’ so we go back to my parent’s house, and my parents have this loft over their garage, and so we’re in my loft, watching TV, but he’s trying to pick something, but like I’m so sick, by this point I’ve already taken NyQuil, I’m dying. I’m at THAT point, I needed to take something, it was too late in the day to take Dayquil, I just felt so gross, I’m like ‘let’s watch somethings that’s like 30 minutes, and then you gotta go home, and I’m going to go to bed and we can like hang out another time’ he’s like ‘okay.’ So he’s trying to pick something, he’s like, he’s suggesting all these weird shows, and I’m like I don’t care we’re just going to watch something for twenty minutes, he’s flipping through channels, and I’m just like ‘I just am going to fall asleep here, Sean.’ And he’s like flipping through and he finally settles on like on Animal Hoarders.” [Distracted by talk of the next day’s basketball game against BYU] Sierra: “Anyway, I’m like exhausted, and feeling gross, and he’s flipping through channels, settles on Animal Hoarders, not cause we picked it, but just cause like he’s talking to me and the show’s on, right? It’s like the lease romantic show of all time, it’s about people who have too many animals, and their also hoarders.” [a bunch of questions about this horrifying show] “Anyways, this story is also horrifying, Sean is like 6’5” and I’m 5”9” so we’re like sitting there and we’re watching the show, and we’re on a catch that’s like this size [motioning to my three seater couch] and that’s all my parents have up there, so we’re on that, and I want to go to bed, so I throw a pillow on Sean’s lap and I’m just like laying down, sleeping. BUT his arm is like this [showing us that it’s under the pillow]which I didn’t realize, and we’re like watching animal hoarders, and by WE I mean, He is, and I’m trying to go to sleep cause I feel sick, and I’m just thinking I want him to go home.” [distracted about teenage awkwardness] “Anyways so he’s like watching the show, and he says something to me He’s like ‘uh, hey, Sierra?’ and I’m like ‘yeah?’ and I turn up, and like look at him, because he’s talking to me, so I’m like looking at him, right? And he like begins his descent. [She starts laughing hard at this point] So he has his arm under the pillow, with my head on it, and like pulls my head up to his face, but he’s like 6’5” and carries a lot of his height in his Torso, he’s like a large person, and he closes his eyes before he begins his lean, so he’s not aiming at this point, he’s flying blind, no directional control. So I’m sick, I’m seventeen, we’re watching Animal Hoarders, I’m in my pajamas, there’s no consent ha, and I don’t understand initially what’s going on, until it’s too late. And I like, I’m still convinced that this guy wasn’t into me, like I would’ve been into him, but I’m like ‘oh he’s not interested in me, we’re just friends’ and so he goes in for it, I just like panicked, I just didn’t know what was happening, and I was like help, this is not what I imagined my first kiss going like, he just like smashes his face into mine for maybe like, three seconds, and then just straight drops me onto his lap. And I’m just like ‘WHOA.’ And he’s literally says out loud, I’m not making this up ‘YESSSS’ [she’s making a downward fist pump, like Tiger Wood’s does] And I’m just laying there so confused and I’m like ‘okay, so can I go to bed now? Is this what we were going to do tonight?’ [Conversation diverged]


Sierra is telling this story in its more normal context, among friends so I think it would ring true regardless. She’s laughing through the whole story, making the whole incident to be a lame story, and laughing about how stupid high school is. Not embarrassed personally, but maybe for him. She is on the couch laid out but also getting up to motion some of the actions throughout the story.


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G7: Courtship

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