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Logan, UT



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My name is Brittany Fitzgerald. I am a 19-year-old undergraduate in my third semester at Utah State University and intend to double major in English and Anthropology. I was born and raised in Davis County, Utah, and spent a year living in Livermore, California when I was 8. I was raised Mormon, in a large extended family, nearly all of whom are also active members. I am pretty close with cousins on both sides of my family, and am one of the oldest cousins. My favorite hobbies are handicrafts, writing, and drawing.


This blanket was given to me when I was too small to remember by my Oma (paternal grandmother) accompanied by the note below. She crocheted it herself.


[Handwritten note reading:

Dear Brittany,

This is your "Love Quilt." I hope you will use it when you are cold or sad, or when you want to watch TV. The reason it is called a love quilt is because I spent many hours making it and while doing so many loving thoughts of you kept my mind occupied.

With much love,


[Granny squares connected with a medium pink yarn, with diagonal rows alternating various shades of pink with white.]


This afghan (it is an afghan, not a quilt) is made of granny squares. My Oma intended to make them for each grandchild, but as the matriarch of a family of 6 kids, as those kids grew up they started having kids in quick enough succession that it was impossible to keep up. I'm the third oldest, and I don't think any cousins (of two dozen) more than 7 months younger than me have one. It is a stellar example of my Oma's frugality, as it is made out of cheap yarn that is VERY SCRATCHY. When I was older, I used it as the example when I was learning to crochet and made my first afghan.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G8: Textiles

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