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Logan, UT



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My name is Brittany Fitzgerald. I am a 19-year-old undergraduate in my third semester at Utah State University and intend to double major in English and Anthropology. I was born and raised in Davis County, Utah, and spent a year living in Livermore, California when I was 8. I was raised Mormon, in a large extended family, nearly all of whom are also active members. My favorite hobbies are handicrafts, writing, and drawing.


Irish Crochet Lace was popular during the Irish Potato Famine, as an easy and quick way to get some extra money. There are patterns for motifs and grounds that survive, and many can be found online. The motifs in my shawl are a combination of patterns found online, in pattern libraries, antique books, and patterns I made up myself.


[Images of me standing with the shawl draped over my shoulders and with my arms outstretched to show it off, front and back. Image of the shawl spread on the ground shows that it is triangular, with wide lace around the bottom edge, and several floral and abstract motifs against a mesh background.]


I wanted to get back into crocheting, and heard about Irish crochet lace. My family has roots in Ireland, and it didn't require me to learn any new skills. I had made up my own patterns before, and from start to finish it took me about two months to make the shawl. I worked on it while I watched TV and listened to podcasts.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G8: Textiles

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