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Logan UT


Ryan Redd

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Ryan Redd was born and raised in Blanding in Southeastern Utah. He is the 2nd of 4 children and is currently 24 years old. After graduating high school in Blanding he went to trade school to become an electrician and now works full-time for a construction company in Logan.


Ryan told me this story when I had lunch with him at a locat A&W restaurant. He usually shares this story with other people who believe in skin walkers or are interested in the legend of skin walkers.


Back while I was in high school in Blanding I was out late cruising around town with a few of my buddies. We went down a long dirt road that cut straight into the desert and we were already starting to get pretty spooked because we were far away from town and it was pitch black. Most of the road was out in the open with low vegetation like sagebrush and stuff but after awhile we got to a part where we could see a small clump of trees that completed surrounded the road. It just seemed weird because there weren’t any other trees in site. Anyway, we just continue to drive under the trees, we’re riding in my own pickup, and suddenly there’s a crazy loud slap on top of the truck. We of course squeal like girls and I peel out driving like crazy to get out of there. Later when we got back to town and were all still freaking out, we got out and looked at the top of the truck and there were long scratch marks like claws that left like 8 inch scratches from front to back. Scared the hell out of us. We were all sure that it was a skin walker in some shape.


Ryan told this story in an almost hushed tone as if it was some kind of personal secret he was telling me. It was obvious as he told the story that the thought of the occasion still spooks him a bit. After telling me about it he shuddered more than once and laughed nervously as if to shake off his nerves a little bit.


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Lynne McNeil

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Fall 2017


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