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Date Collected

Fall 11-30-2018

Place item was collected

Logan, Utah


Hunter Meredith

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Hunter Meredith is a student at Utah State University. He is dating a girl named Katie who is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hunter has lived in Logan for a couple years and works at Best Buy where they pay him to go on business trips and listen to conferences.


Hunter learned how to make paper airplanes from his mother, and he has since learned how to perfect his paper airplane making skills. Hunter is sitting on a couch, and I’m sitting on a beanbag a few feet away. Jarrett is playing his guitar further away from me listening and focusing on his music. Hunter is an avid origami maker and couldn’t wait to show his skills to the world.


Hunter used a piece of 11 x 8.5 graph paper that had holes and plastic reinforcements on one side, that he ended up cutting off. (see attached picture)


Texture: Hunter began folding his airplane commenting that he had to cut and tear the paper to get the holes off the “crappy piece of plastic”. He didn’t have a table or anything to fold on, so he was sitting on the couch trying to fold the airplane in the air without bottom support. His friend Jordan walked into the room and asked “hey how’s your girlfriend” in which he started talking about how she’s good and hasn’t talked to her in a week because she is on a mission. Hunter then explained that her name is Kate and that she is cute. Then Hunter caught that we got off subject and said, “Hey Courtney, aren’t you supposed to be asking me some questions?” So, when I asked him who taught him how to make paper airplanes, he said “Originally my mother was the first one to teach me how to make paper airplane and it was a really simple one where you fold like this (folding it in half) and fold the one side (meeting the corners together) and then you’re done, and that’s the really crappy kind. But then you grow up and someone probably teaches you in elementary school but were going to try for the classic paper airplane. So, in reality the art of making a paper airplane is precision” Then he motioned towards me indicating that the paper I provided him didn’t suffice his needs) “But seeing as I had to rip off part of this piece of paper it is already not in my favor, and seeing as that I’m folding it on my leg, precision is doubly not in my favor.” So, then I continued to say that he could use the laptop that was in the room or get another piece of paper. At this point his friend Jarrett was playing the guitar in the background and chimed in with laughter at Hunters sarcastic comments. He later stated that growing up he like to make origami like swans, and those little balloon things all the time. Of course, if you you’re really into origami you have to be into the one piece of origami that is as functional as it is beautiful, which is a paper airplane”. At this comment me, Jarrett, and Hunter laughed. He also talked about how he once threw a paper airplane at his brother while he was recording a video and it hit him square on the nose. But that video has “since been deleted, and the memory only remains in my mind.” He then started to position himself in a way where he could throw the paper airplane and knocked over his hot pocket onto the couch where he screamed “hot pocket!” and then I said “hot pocket hot pocket” in reference to a comedian sketch. After positioning himself correctly he threw the airplane which went straight up into the air and landed right in front of me (I was about 5 feet away sitting on a bean bag). He then blamed it on “hitting his chin” so to reclaim his pride threw it again and it went 10 feet ahead, hitting Jarrett who was sitting on a couch playing his guitar.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNiell

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G8: Toys

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