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Winter 12-2-2018

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Logan, Utah


Ethan Dixon

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Ethan is one of my roommates in Snow hall 501. Ethan was born and raised in Lehi, Utah and is the youngest of 5. He is super into music and is often found playing the guitar or playing his “flute” (recorder). He, along with two of my other roommates, come from a large +20 person friend group, many of which have either visited or are incapable of vising due to current religious excursions. Ethan loves socializing and can talk for hours about anything so he is an enthralling story teller. Ethan plans on leaving on an LDS mission at the conclusion of Spring semester 2019.


Ethan has told this story a once before that I recall. This particular instance took place early in the morning circa 1:30ish, so everyone was in a sleep deprived high. The people in the room while this story was told was Ethan (the storyteller) Myself (the reporter) two girls who live across the hall (represented by G1 and G2 in the story) and another of my roommates named Nathan. The girls came over and started this story telling campaign because one is leaving on a mission at the end of the semester so we were all just sitting around and enjoying each other’s company. This same night other stories were told, searchable under the names, “Dropped Make-out: An Ethan Dixon Story, Trunking Gone Wrong: An Ethan Dixon Story, and School Spirit Bullies” This is the story told latest that night. All of us were in our apartment, nicknamed The Tent. Ethan was in our DI rocking chair, the girls were on the top of our double decker couch, Nathan was on the bottom couch and I was sitting in an armchair, we all made an enclosed storytelling space the way we were positioned. Which made a great atmosphere for telling stories and changing from one subject to another. (hence the telling of all these wild stories). The context of the story comes from “School Spirit Bullies” which is briefly, a story of the large 20 person friend group going to a state competition basketball game. The following occurrence was a result of going to said basketball game. This story was also interrupted a couple of times by another roommate who was a part of the same friend group.


Ethan: That’s the day I got banned from snapchat. (P1. What?!) I got my account [pauses] permanently banned. (P2. Why?) Okay, so we went to sky ridge before we went to Lehi. that’s the other team

Nathan: yeah we did a year at Lehi.

Ethan: that like the hick school that’s were all the rednecks are.

Nathan: and weirdly a lot of Asians

Ethan: there was a.. an area snap where you could put anything on it any everyone in the football stadium would see it that opens it. And everyone is just like Sky Ridge Sucks Lehi sucks back and forth.

Nathan: Oh it was so… it was actually really fun

Ethan. Just like photos of their friends. And at like the very end I posted a picture of me and Eisley just like doing double chins or whatever and I said “the only reason Lehi won is because they are inbred to perfection” and [laughs while still talking] then I got an email saying my account.. my account had been permanently suspended. And then I had to make like a new email to get snapchat again.


By the time this story was told we had all hit our stride in storytelling. Everyone in the room was laughing and asking questions. It was a really fun experience, Ethan was rocking back in forth in his chair with jovial energy, and Nathan moved a bit to build off the energy of Ethan. Another roommate that had gone to bet messaged our room group chat and asked us to be quiet so we had quite a rumble going on to have woke him up. We were loud and all saying we were too tired and needed to go to sleep but we continued talking. Its like the energy when you go camping and everyone is around the fire; nobody wants to be the first one to go to bed so everyone just stays up far too late sharing the most random of stories. That feeling persisted the whole night.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: Sex and Scandal Legends

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