Student Collector

Zachary Grant BessFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-11-2017

Place item was collected

Logan, Utah



Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Sierra Wise is an Art Student from Orem, Utah. She played Lacrosse in High School, and is quite athletic besides just being artistically inclined. She is often caught in weird situations between her personal life and her major. She was raised in the LDS Church and served an LDS mission in Guatemala. She is currently the Caine College of Arts Senator, on the USUSA Academic Senate, of which I am also a member. She’s studying and often works with Nude Models, like most art students. She also recently was told by current LDS Missionaries that she doesn’t look like a member, which she thinks is its own bit of bitter sweet.


Sierra, our friend Travis, and I were all eating lunch in a Latin Restaurant in Providence, Utah. We had all left studying during Dead week to take a break and were having a very casual conversation. She brought up the fact that this story had happened and I knew it would be good so I started the recorder (she had already told me other stories and knew she would release this story as well) The whole story was told laughing with awkward pauses, knowing that this story had it’s own kind of weird Mormon Humor in it. While this story wouldn’t always be told over a meal, the context it was told in wouldn’t likely be different than normal, the story was one to tell to close friends in casual conversation.


Sierra “So there was this girl in my ward, Mariah, who I knew was an art student, so we decided to take ‘Drawing 2’ Together. So we’re taking Drawing 2 Together, they use nude models, it’s like whatever. Like the first couple times it’s weird and then it’s not weird anymore. So we get this email before class, from Ray, the Drawing professor and he’s like ‘Hey guys, just want to let you know…” cause we’ve used professional models up to this point. [Interjecting into his email quote] “…we’re having a student model come in today, so please be really cautious. When you come into class, please turn off your phone, and keep it in your backpack… just so there’s no…. like just to protect yourself, so that there’s no accusations that you’re like taking photos or anything, make sure to be really respectful, please be on time… blah blah blah”


[Interrupted by waitress, the conversation side tracks to talking about the normal, professional models, includio Mario a frequent model for her class]


Sierra: “so hE [Mario] was great to work with, so he [the professor] list’s off [that Mario would be coming] and the student’s name is like ‘whatever.’ And I’m just like skimming this email, and I’m like ‘whatever.’ And I’m like getting ready for class, and Mariah my next-door neighbor calls me and is like ‘Oh my Gosh Sierra, we can’t go to class today.’ And I’m like ‘Dude, we need to go to class, of course we need to go to class’ and she’s like ‘DID YOU NOT READ THE EMAIL?’ [said in a hushed yell voice] she’s freaking out at me, and I’m like ‘Mariah, I read the email, I don’t know why it’s such a big deal, like yeah, it’s a student model’ and she’s like ‘No did you read the name of who it is?’ and I’m like ‘yeah, but like I don’t know him’ she’s like ‘YES YOU DO! It’s Johnny in the ward, our home teacher!” [same hushed yell voice] and I was like ‘NNOOOOOOOOOOO’ and I’m like, ‘I’m not going, I can’t go to class, I can’t see my home teacher naked…’

Travis: “Did you GO?!”

[Long pause]

Sierra: “Well…”

[Travis getting so excited to hear the end of this story, banging on the table]

Sierra: “I made Mariah call him, I’m like ‘Call him and tell him: there are two girls in the ward in this class, and he will not show up, I guarantee it’ So she’s like ‘Okay.’ so she call’s him and tells him, and then she calls me back and says ‘he said he’s just going to stand it up, he’s not going to go’”

Travis: “But doesn’t that effect like the whole class?”

Me: “Stand it up”…”You get it?” [Me interjecting an inappropriate joke to laughter from Travis and rolled eyes from Sierra as she continues the story]

Sierra: “So we just went to class, and like, he didn’t show up, and Ray was super mad, and was like ‘This guy called in sick at the last second’ and Mariah and i were like ‘well, too bad, lets get to work’…”

Travis: “Come one why didn’t he just follow through with it, like he’s over at your house the next week, sharing some message from the Ensign [Mormon magazine] and you’re like ‘I’ve seen your penis’ that would just like hit you right then…”

[story devolves into questions about nude models]


Her face during the story was unique within itself because of how funny and awkward she found the story herself. We were all laughing around the table eating our 12 tacos each for Taco Tuesday, and so half the story was told between mouthfuls. The meal wasn’t particularly loud but wasn’t hushed either, the conversation was a normal story. As the story doesn’t end QUITE as good as might be expected, I think she told the story honestly. When imitating her friend, her friend seemed to yelling through the phone, while sierra imitated her own behavior as calm and concerted until she found out who.


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2017


G7: Sex and Scandal Legends

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