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Madi Mcann

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Madi Mcann was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada and moved with her family to Spanish Fork, Utah just before she attended high school. Her family is mixed from re-married parents and they are primarily Mormon. Madi went straight to USU after graduating high school and just recently graduated with a degree in technical writing. She is twenty-one years old.


I interviewed Madi about this supernatural legend while we were at work at the Space Dynamics Laboratory. She said that since the story originated with her two cousins that they are the ones that tell the story most often. However, the story has been retold several times by other members of her family, both to other family members as well as to friends in a casual setting.


My cousins lived in my grandma’s basement for a little while and say it is haunted by my grandpa. They say that when they were living down there they could consistently hear weird sounds from random objects like doors closing and so on. They say they could also hear music playing that didn’t seem to originate from a place that they could see. Since they’ve had those experiences they’ve always said that the weird occurrences came from the ghost of my grandpa who is clearly haunting the house.


As Madi told me the story about her cousin’s she seemed fairly skeptical of the explanation that her cousin’s had for the odd things that happened in her grandma’s basement, but she still seemed to enjoy giving a brief overview of it. She said that her cousin’s clearly were spooked at their experiences and may actually believe that the house is haunted but Madi is on the fence as well as the other members of the family.


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Lynne McNeil

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Fall 2017


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