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Winter 12-3-2018

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Amber Watts

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Amber, or Cheeky Slytherin Lass, is twenty-seven years old. She first began publishing fanfiction when she was twenty, though she used to have notebooks filled with it before she even knew what fanfiction was. She lives in Mississippi, where she has lived her entire life, excluding an extended stay outside New Orleans when she was eighteen.


I originally know Amber because she is the captain of my team for one of the Harry Potter fanfic competitions that I am currently competing in, which is the Quidditch League Fanfic Competition (QLFC). Since meeting her there, she has dragged me to the Hunger Games: Fanfic Style competition (HG), and also the Hogwarts School competition (HS). I’m pretty sure I would follow her to just about any Harry Potter writing competition. She is a staple in the majority of the older forums (the ones that have been going on for more than two years), having been with them for a significant amount of time. She’s been there through a lot of drama and is always equipped with stories of people who took things too far or became too ridiculous in their drama. This particular story is relatively old, and I’ve heard some people (particularly those who have been a part of the forums for a while, just like Amber) referencing this incident by saying things like, “As long as you don’t create a fake account for your fake boyfriend, we’re good.”


So there was a girl once upon a time. I forget her name. Hpfc was in its heyday.

But this girl became a thing of legend because she always had these super dramatic stories going on. Her boyfriend kissed another girl so they were fighting now. She just got a modeling contract. Etc etc etc

And we had a thing where people would post pictures of themselves and she posted a modeling picture.

Her boyfriend began posting on the forum.

Someone did some digging. Ole girl was lying about everything and also her "boyfriend" was her


Unlike a lot of people (especially me), who like to send information through multiple messages, Amber is a fan of writing one long message, so it can take some time for them to come through. Whatsapp, the communication platform that we use, let’s us known when the person we are talking to is “typing,” just like Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, and this message took Amber over five minutes to write, which certainly isn’t uncommon. Amber likes to double and triple check what she sends, just as a general rule, so she definitely put a bit of thought into how she wrote this so it would contain all of the information that she remembers.


Folklore 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G7: Human Traits

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