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Logan, Utah


Annika Daniels

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Annika, who is my roommate, is a student at Utah State University studying Landscape Architecture and Design. She is 20 years old and is from Ogden, Utah where she grew up as one of three daughters. She loves to act, build Lego models, and play with her dog Baggins. She is very close to her family and often goes on biking trips with them.


I collected this piece of folklore while at my apartment with Annika. We sat in the living room to talk about her Christmas traditions. I had asked her to share at a previous time so that she had time to think about what traditions that she wanted to share. This tradition generally takes place in Ogden, Utah in her parents’ house and has since she was a child and it occurs during the Christmas holiday season. Annika’s family regularly bakes homemade bread and this is how they like to share with others during the holiday season.


So the first one is a Christmas tradition but it’s not at actually Christmas it’s more like Christmas time, cuz you know how everyone usually does a holiday neighbor gifts or whatever, well, we have what we call Baking Days where it’s about three days in total where my dad and Kaitlyn, my sister, and me and my mom are all in the kitchen just baking. My dad I think last year he, we baked 75 loaves of bread in two days. And that’s what we give to people. And so that is actually how I learned how to make bread was um one of the Baking Days in like, cuz the batches that I make when I’m up here, it’s like two loaves. We make, each batch has 6 loaves of bread in it and we’re going like all day long. And we’ve got Christmas music playing and ya, it’s just chaos ensues and flour’s everywhere. And then we have to run and and like actually take the bread to people and it’s always freezing cold, and then people come by and give us Christmas gifts cuz they are like “Oh, we need to give this to you because you gave it to us.” So ya those are Christmas Baking days. And they only happen once a year during Christmas, and they are a little more far and few between now because everyone is up at college and stuff. And this year will be a little different because Kaitlyn is living at home, so um, but ya. So that is that insanity.


Annika was excited to share this tradition with me and had specific details that she wanted to share on why this tradition is special to her. She had been relaxing on the couch when we had started talking, but she perked up when she started talking about this tradition. She sat forward like she was leaning into the conversation. Annika is a very animated person when she gets excited and she portrayed similar qualities when she was telling me about this tradition. I could really tell that she enjoys this tradition with her family and all of the things that she learns from it.


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Fall 2018


G1: Holidays

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