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Date Collected

Winter 12-2-2018

Place item was collected

Utah State University


Cara Frischkorn

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Cara Frischkorn was raised in Alaska and went to a specialty High school that emphasized engineering classes. Cara is currently a sophomore at Utah State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


This was collected in my college dorm room on Utah State University after we had finished working on an assignment and got started talking about stories and things we’ve done as engineers. The dorm is old and has ugly cargo green couches and thin carpet on the floor. We were sitting in the living room area which shares the space with a small kitchen. The room was warm cause the heat had just turned on. This story was a follow up story to two I collected before (called “Push Start A Car Cause You’re a Nerd and Killed the Battery to Launch Rockets” and “Magnet Boat with Rocket Engine”)


Cara(C): “This was the same class where we had a disassembly project, so we had to chose that we would take it apart uh and then model all of the parts in uh we used Autodesk inventor, it’s just a 3D modeling program um and then uh put this into a powerpoint and show it off. So you know most people did, uh a couple people did pens, someone did a pepper shaker uh some people did like those toy block cars [Cara takes a deep breath] I don’t remember exactly why at the time my dad had a 40 pound industrial fan in the garage[she starts laughing] but[still laughing] uh naturally when I’m poking around for things to disassemble he was like ‘well, uh I have this’ uh, I think it was technically a square industrial blower or some-I don’t remember exactly what the technical term was, I could find it um because I’ve written an essay on this project before [giggling from Shannon and Cara] so ya uh that was again Maumau we were engineering partners for four years we did so much stuff um, but ya so at this point the thing is heav-more than 40 pounds and this was before I started climbing so neither of us were that strong, so we load up the fan and my brothers little red wagon into the car [Cara takes a drink of water quickly] and then proceed to walk into our high school with my brothers little wed wagon holding a 40 pound industrial fan [Cara and Shannon Start laughing again] we’re just casually taking this through the halls in the morning as all the students are coming through and so we’re like ‘can we be any more conspicuous?’ and my friends like ‘well you know what would we should have done is put Christmas lights on it’ [Cara and Shannon start laughing again] so ya we took it in um that project was two weeks long, we stayed at least 2 hours after school every day for that entire two weeks and-for- in our defense we got the vast majority of it done[Cara starts laughing] and by the time we are getting like 2 days away the teacher is just like ‘ok, this is fine. Good job. Just present what you have’ [Shannon and Cara start laughing] uh yah, so much shenanigans.”


Cara was giggling and laughing throughout this story, she was very relaxed and used he hands to talk. Waving them around to try and emphasize her point. This was clearly a funny story to both her and I. She then continued to say that this was her legacy that she left behind for the school to tell students what not to do with their projects


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2018


G7: Occupation/Avocation

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