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Date Collected

Winter 12-2-2018

Place item was collected

Utah State University


Cara Frischkorn

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Cara Frischkorn was raised in Alaska and went to a specialty High school that emphasized engineering classes. Cara is currently a sophomore at Utah State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


This was collected in my college dorm room after we had finished working on an assignment and got started talking about stories and things we’ve done as engineers. The dorm is old and has ugly cargo green couches and thin carpet on the floor. We were sitting in the living room area which shares the space with a small kitchen. The room was warm cause the heat had just turned on. This story was a follow up story to one I collected before (called “Push Start A Car Cause You’re a Nerd and Killed the Battery to Launch Rockets”) After this story she started telling another one with I also recorded(find it under “Disassembling a 40lb industrial Fan”)


Cara(C): “So we did this project where you just have-I think it was it was probably maybe an eight or ten foot track, where it’s got two strips of magnets and then you are supposed to build like a boat thing that floats on these two strips and then if you put sails on it and then we put a fan behind it and you make the boat go across the sails. Um, so this is my freshmen year and I had a phenomenal teacher called Mr. Russell,[pause] uh he was, like, the guy was a nerd and he had two little boys with obsessions with Star wars and Curious George, it was fantastic! So-uh-Great guy, uh, so at one point my friend and I are, Maumau and I, uh a friend of mine who was also insane, um, we were working on this project and designing ourselves and were like the objective of this is to get the boat to go as fast as possible[pause slightly for dramatic effect] wonder if we could out a rocket engine on it[nasal laugh from Shannon] so, we just talking about it[Shannon start laughing softly] I walk up to the teacher and I’m pretty much joking at this point and I ask him ‘so, what do you think about if we put a rocket engine on it?’ and he looks at me for about two second and goes ‘well we’d have to launch it outside’[Cara breaks out laughing and Shannon joins in for a second] So, ya went to the hobby store bought just a little quarter A model rocket engine, uhm used that as[starts laughing as she talks]a pr-propulsion for my sailboat[pause while she catches her breath] and um ya we went outside and I set it up with the battery and launched it and I don’t think he even bothered timing it, he just gave me a grade of having done it in like a quarter second or something[Shannon laughing] it was fantastic”

Shannon(S): “What class was this for again?”

C: “This was for an intro to engineering design because I did four years of engineering classes in high school”

S: “Of Course you did”

C: “and that was the introductory one, we did-we got-we got away with so much in that class”


Cara was giggling and laughing throughout this story, she was very relaxed and used he hands to talk. Waving them around to try and emphasize her point. This was clearly a funny story to her.


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: Occupation/Avocation

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