Student Collector

Shannon MeyerFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-2-2018

Place item was collected

Utah State University


Cara Frischkorn

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Cara Frischkorn was raised in Alaska and went to a specialty High school that emphasized engineering classes. Cara is currently a sophomore at Utah State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.


This was collected in my college dorm room on Utah State University after we had finished working on an assignment and got started talking about car problems. The dorm is old and has ugly cargo green couches and thin carpet on the floor. We were sitting in the living room area which shares the space with a small kitchen. The room was warm cause the heat had just turned on. She started telling me this and I then asked her to wait while I started recording my phone. This story led to two other stories(They are also in the archive, search my name and you should find them, they are titled “Magnet Boat with Rocket Engine” and “Disassembling a 40lb industrial Fan”)


Cara(C): “So, in high school I was on the robotics team and every [stutter while remembering] year we had this event called October Skys, after the movie, So uh at the beginning of October we would get together and build model rockets and launch them [short huffing laugh from Cara] Because we can, Uhhh, so that year, um, th-usually we did it in one of the mentors garages but he was in the process of moving, so this particular year, I think it was my-Ya it was my senior year in high school, we ended up doing it in OUR garage, and then we went up to South High School to use their football field to launch, because, it was the weekend and no one was there and we’ve gotten yelled at for it before [Laugh] uhmm [pause while thinking] so when we get there we get ready to launch and realize that the two batteries that we had brought for launching the rockets were actually dead, umm, so in spur of the moment creativity we walk back down the hill, and pull dad’s truck battery out of his truck[said while laughing lightly, Shannon and Cara laugh for a second before Cara continues] um it’s a fairly old battery but still usable, so ya we remove that carry it up the hill, launch all of our rockets successfully and then we,[huff while thinking] have to reinstall it in the truck and because it’s an older battery we ended up having to push start the truck[starts laughing as she’s talking] ummm, because we had used up a fair amount of the battery, uh power, on the rockets. So ya dad puts it in neutral and we start pushing this car up the icy hill[starts laughing louder] until we get the gear shift to engage. So yah that was the push starting a car because we used the battery for a rocket launch story.”


Cara was laughing as she told this story, she was very proud of what happened and still thinks this is very funny. She has told me this story before but she never gets tired of telling it.


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: Occupation/Avocation

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