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Logan, Utah


Megan Mattinson

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I first met Megan in our 19th century literature class. We sat next to each other the first day and quickly discovered that not only did we have the same first name, but also similar last names. A few weeks later we learned that we have the same middle name as well., Anne.


Megan was part of the Disney College program in Anaheim, California. She was assigned to work at the Star Tours ride, a Star Wars based ride in Disneyland.


At the end of the night.. after doing out mandatory checklists.. all cast members at Star Tours would have an end of night chat called ‘role call’ and collect all lost and found items in the attraction… most nights the attraction would be handed over to the maintenance team for routine fixes and at least once a week they would play a prank on us. The most common prank was when they could tell how tired we were and they wanted to mess with us. As we were doing role call the guys would shout that we left two phones in tower because there were two phones in there… one to communicate with people in the attraction and one for any cast member in Disneyland to call if they had a question since we all rotated through that position we all knew about the two phones but every time maintenance pull that joke we fell for it and walked into tower to the Lost and Found bin just to find them laughing at us.


Megan fist told me this story a few months ago in class, when she first told it she couldn’t keep herself from laughing. I wish I had the chance to record it then, but we were in class. She sent me this version as a voice recording telling it rather dully, so I could type her exact words. I wish she had laughed as much, because it made the whole story that much funnier.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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