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Winter 12-4-2018

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Logan, UT


Madi Harris

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Madisyn is from Richfield Utah. She comes from a big country family and classifies cows as her favorite animal. She served an LDS mission in Montana and now lives with two other girls from her mission. She is a very happy and funny person. She loves swing dancing, and classifies herself as “normal.” Madi also spent some school time at Snow college before she moved to USU. This is her first semester at Utah State and she is planning on graduating in elementary education.


I was working on my homework after work this morning in my apartment. Madi was in her room and I decided to ask her while I was eating breakfast what secret languages she used as a child. This is when she told me she didn’t have any because she was a “normal” child. She was also distracted by her morning makeup routine but soon thought of her experience


In high school I spoke elvish with my friends but that’s all. I was a normal kid!

Me: How did you learn Elvish

I didn’t know the language I just had some of my friends liked to write notes in it and give them to me. I had to look up the words on the internet to read them! [threw hands in the air and laughed]. The boys in choir would write in elvish on the board too.


Madi was telling the story while multi-tasking getting ready for the day but she was also engaged in our conversation and my questions. She told her piece of folklore lightheartedly and laughed at parts and joked a bunch. She was also defensive when I mentioned how not “normal” speaking elvish was haha.


ENGL 2200


Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G3: Language

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