Student Collector

Megan MonsonFollow

Date Collected

Fall 10-29-2018

Place item was collected

Tacoma, Washington



Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

I first met my informant my mission in Washington. A few weeks after I met her, she met my mom in an online BYU Idaho class. From then on she took it upon herself to take care of me. We frequently met for lunch throughout my mission and remain in contact even now after I’ve been home for a year. Becky has worked in a variety of offices and has two bachelor’s degrees.


This event occurred when my informant worked at St. Paul Surety a law office and investment company. She was the Executive Secretary and assisted the lawyers.


Here's the first one that didn't go so well... I was the Executive Secretary in a small office of lawyers. I was in charge of the phone system, and found out that I could change the language of the voicemail prompts. I changed the language to Spanish for one of the lawyers. A few of us thought it was really funny, but he wasn't amused by it.


My informant sent me this story, and many others, as an email. I had reached out on Facebook to anyone who would submit stories for me. She quickly replied with several stories, each getting longer in length and having more detail. This was the final story she sent me. I can imagine her telling this story, she frequently told me stories while I was a missionary. Her facial expressions typically tell almost as much of the story as her words do.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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