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Shannon MeyerFollow

Date Collected

Winter 12-2-2018

Place item was collected

Utah State University


Hunter Turnmire

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Hunter is a sophomore at Utah State University majoring in Psychology. He was raised in rural Utah with many close friends


This was told to me before our shift as janitors at Utah State University started. We were in our janitorial office in the Edith Bowen waiting for the rest of our crew showed up so we could go clean the Education building. There were four people waiting around the office when he told me this, me, him (Hunter), Carter (his close friend and person who got him this job as a janitor), and Silas (another coworker). The office was small so it was a bit cramped when were talking. The office also has a lot of random supplies just sitting around so it gives the office a more cramped feeling. Hunter had come in with his friend Carter and Hunter just happened to tell me his story before Carter told me his. Hunter was sitting in a chair next to the locked key box that holds our keys when we aren’t working. I was sitting in a chair in front of the double monitor computer facing him as he told this story.


Hunter(H): “K, um so I told Carter this one a couple times, um but when I was living in North Carolina I was in middle school I think it was 7th grade or something like that and um I was hanging out with my friend Cody and we had a big group of friends and we’d hang out at their house every weekend, it was me Cody Josh and [pause while he thinks] I think a kid named Mark was there that weekend and Dallas, so there was like 5 of us and Josh was the oldest one in the group, he was the only one who could drive at the time and we got into Cody’s grandmother’s car it was an old Buick [shakes his head] Gigantic car and uh heh, we were coming back from the movies and we were going down this road through the woods and something hit the side of the car and it was really loud it was all over the window and all over the door, it scared the crap out of us, and uh when we got back home we looked and it turned out to be a paintball we thought it was eggs, but it uh turned out to be a paintballs and uh we were pretty mad Cody was pretty upset and so was Josh, cause it was his grandma’s car and uh later that week at school um I was sitting eating lunch this kid named Skylar came up and he was chatting with me we were friends he was like ‘hey man this weekend uh you can’t believe it [starting huffing a laugh] I went out to the woods and started shooting at cars with paintball guns’ and I said [laugh again] ‘oh, heh I think you hit our car’ and it turned out it was him that had shot our car and I told Cody and he wasn’t very happy with that. That that was the story ”

Shannon: “That was great, did k-they do anything to Skyler?”

H: “uh, no I don’t know if they even talked to him or anything, but…ya, they didn’t do anything to him.”

S: “K, that’s great”


As Hunter was talking, he was smiling as he told this story, but he was also a little nervous. I believe this was because I had my cell phone out and was recording him. He is normally very expressive when he tells stories. The story was a “check out this cool story!” Not a revenge “we got that pranker good!” kind of story. The atmosphere was very relaxed, I think he was glad to tell me this story because it meant that they didn’t have to start cleaning yet. Everyone was smiling as he told this story


English 2210


Lynne S. McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: Human Traits

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