Student Collector

Stan KourisFollow

Date Collected

Fall 11-27-2018

Place item was collected

Logan, UT


Madisyn Gadzia

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Madisyn Gadiza is a sophomore at Utah State and is majoring in dietetics. She has lived in Oregon and Montana, and moved to Utah when she was a freshman in highschool. She attended East high school where she played volleyball. I met Madisyn through my girlfriend Abby who is now very closer friends with her.


I collected this Madisyn from her room in her apartment with her, me, and my girlfriend Abby in her room. All of us had legended triped for Witch Hecita together on Halloween. Her room is upstairs and we had to walk past one of her roomates who was talking on the couch to one of her friends to get there. Upstairs we closed the door but could still hear their faint talking as we were doing the interview. Madisyn’s room was decorated with a lot of pictures of her friends above her bed, which was low to the ground. It smelt faintly like a Christmas perfume in their as if she put on something like that either that day. I had told Abby a while in advance about Witch Hecita so she knew the story, but Madisyn had never heard of it. Abby invited her a couple hours before we went legend tripping and I had to fill her in on what the legend was and what were the necessary steps to summon her. Though a little freaked out after hearing what it was, she accepted out invited and even invited some of her friends. They had also never heard of the legend and I had to tell them what it was. After I did we loaded up in two cars and headed for the canyon.


So we Drove up about ¾ of the canyon and we turned on west fork road, I think it’s called, and it was like a dirt road, and it was snowing that night and it was super sketchy, and we parked next to this RV, and a bunch of different cars, and then we said Witch Hec, Hec...(I interject) “Witch Hecita”. Hahahah we said Witch Hecita three times, and, um, we waited and waited and then one of our friends, we didn’t know this at the time, got us and he lasered a green light in the, air, and we all freaked out, and it was a quick second and not many of us saw it but I remember my friend Abby, she saw it, and we were, all freaking out, and then he showed us the green laser and all of us were like ooooooooooooooh. Then we went up the canyon more, and more up this dirt road and it was more sketch and there was nothing out there, couldn't see anything, it was completely dark, like, not even a full moon was helping us see, and we said Witch Hecita three times again, and, we just waited and I was just closing my eyes the whole time cause I was so scared, um, but nothing happened, thank goodness, and then we hurried back into the car and drove off, and I remember, we were driving back down the canyon, and the car, stopped, and, like, all of a sudden it, was like, turned off, and we all freaked out, but it was just Stan joking around and he turned off the car lights. And we didn’t see Witch Hecita.


Madisyn told this story as if she was telling a joke more than a scary legend trip. During the part where she was having trouble saying her name and I had to help her out she looked at Abby and they both started laughing. Same with when she started talking about how scared Abby was, they looked at eachother and started laughing. When she started talking about how dark it was when we started going up the canyon again though, she didn’t laugh and started to get more serious as if she was actually really scared when we did that. She was also very serious when she said talked about when I turned off the car lights and I pulled the prank, but then she looked at Abby and we all started laughing together and the tone of the story went back to more of a funny story than a scary one. I believe that since her friend Abby was there in the room when she was telling the story, that’s why it had more of a funny tone to it. If she was telling the story to someone who was not there I believe she would have told it with more of a scary tone then a funny one. When she was up the canyon she seemed very scared when the person showed the green light and was very scared when we went up more and came back. When the car turned off she started freaking out just as much as everyone there, but when she is telling it to me and Abby who were there, there was a funny overtone to it.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynn McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: People Known for Supernatural or Supernormal Power

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