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Willard, Utah


Sejla Hodzic

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Sejla Hodzic is a foreign exchange student from Sweden. She is being hosted by my family who lives in Willard, Utah. She is 18 years old. She has lived in Sweden her entire life, but her parents are from Croatia. She lives with her father and her brother. She came to the United States of America for the first time at the beginning of August 2018.


I collected this piece when I went to visit my family. Sejla and I went into our basement so that we could sit and talk with minimal interruption. Our basement is usually pretty quiet during the day and it has comfortable seating. I had given her previous information about what I was going to ask her, so she knew what traditions that she wanted to talk about. This tradition was shared in a collection of other Swedish customs. This event is held in multiple locations depending on the year, but it is typically hosted by Sejla’s grandparents or one of her aunts. The whole family will get together to spend time with each other for the holiday season.


Alana: What kind of traditions does your family have?

Sejla: And, so me and my family, like my whole family, like my family and everyone usually go to my grandma’s house and it’s like four families. And we always make like different, so each family needs to bring ingredients to do Christmas treats and then we make a lot of them and then we just switch. So like every family gets some of each treat. And that’s really fun.

A: What kind of treats?

S: It can be like Christmas candy, or like gingerbread, it can be everything but it is usually Christmas candy. And so we can make a lot of them.


Sejla reflected on this tradition with a fondness. She enjoys getting together with her family to celebrate the holiday season. She sounded like she was going to miss participating in the tradition this year since she is in the United States. She talks like she enjoys getting together with her family and that family time is important to her family, which is why this tradition occurs year after year.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne S. McNeill

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Fall 2018


G1: Holidays

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