Student Collector

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Date Collected

Winter 12-3-2018

Place item was collected

Logan, UT


Sydney Warner

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Sydney is a Elementary Education major in her freshman year at USU. She is from Magna, Utah and attended Cyprus high school. She likes to be outdoors, be with kids and was a cheerleader all through high school.


Sydney had come over to hangout with my roommates and were hanging out with three of them in one of the rooms when I barged in and asked if anyone here had a ghost story. She immediately voiced that she had played with an ouija board and had experiences with talking to ghosts. I then cut off the conversation the she was having with one of my roomates and asked if I could interview her, she accepted. The other two roommates were in the other side of the room and making comments about ouija boards and having a whole different conversation about something else while I was conducting the interview. I too was making comments and saying how they scare me and I do not think I could every use one, so when she told me how many times she had done it I was shocked and asked her how she was not possessed. She even talked about how if the thing you hold starts counting all the numbers down backwards than it is the devil himself, and how that has happened to her like three times. I looked at her with my mouth wide open at that statement.


So, I was playing with an ouija board with, like, a bunch of my friends and like, my friends, brothers, girlfriend is like, suuuuuper spiritual, like, can like talk to ghosts all the time, which is, really weird to me, but um, so she was like ok do you guys wanna play the ouija board, and we were like, not really but I guess, and so we like get the ouija board out and I’m like, ok like, if you guys are just messing with me just like tell me know like I’m not gonna get scared if you are just messing with me and they are like no we are not. So we are like getting playing, and they were like, doing the ouija board, and, so we were doing it, and we like had talked to like other ghosts, like a little bit, but I was still like super skeptical I was like this is stupid, like ouija boards are stupid, they don’t, they are not real. And sooo, we, start talking to this one ghost and he like tells us his name, and, I don’t remember what his name was but he was like talking to us, and, we asked him you are not really supposed to ask the ghost how they died but we did, so, he's like, he told us he had committed suicide, and told us that he had went to Cyprus, which is my high school, and, so, we, were like this isn’t real so one of our friends that weren’t, like, um, on the ouija board googled it and the kid, that, like the name that it said was a kid that had committed suicide at our high school, and it was like, ten years ago, so like wasn’t, um, but so basically he had told us he had committed suicide like at our school, like not at the school, but he had went to our school, and we like, knew these, like older girls that like went to the school, like, a while back, and he was like, the ghost was saying that those were the girls that, like, bullied him into suicide, and we like knew those girls and they were like bullies in high school and so the ghost told us that he got bullied into suicide in high school. And yeah.


When I had first walked into the room I had no clue that this would be the story that she would have for me and was shocked the whole way through. The room atmosphere was really light and not as solemn as the story was. My roommate who was also listening to the story and I just kept looking a Sydney in disbelief with our mouth gaping open. She told the story like she was just telling any story, she was even laughing at some parts, which wasn’t because she thought the story was funny but it was because of our reactions that we would give. I think that if we were not in such a casual and non serious setting then she would have told the story a little more seriously, but since it was just to my roommate and I it wasn’t that big of a deal. She also was laughing because before she told us this story she had told us about all the other times she had used the Ouija board and we were giving her grief and saying that we were surprised that she hadn’t been possessed yet by all of the times that she has done it.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynn McNeil

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G7: Games of the Supernatural

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