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Logan, Utah


Megan Mattinson

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I first met Megan in our 19th century literature class. We sat next to each other the first day and quickly discovered that not only did we have the same first name, but also similar last names. A few weeks later we learned that we have the same middle name as well, Anne.


Megan was part of the Disney College program in Anaheim, California. She was assigned to work at the Star Tours ride, a Star Wars based ride in Disneyland.


One night I was in the tower waiting for Disneyland to close and the last guests to finish their flight. With one of the maintenance workers who had a good sense of humor and was friends with most of the cast members of Star Tours. As the last flight was about to land… he got on the intercom over the exit hallway and started playing Darth Vader breathing and Chewbaca screaming to annoy the cast members we could see in the security cameras…they dramatically fell to the ground in response, but had to quickly jump up as the doors opened to remain in show for the guests.


Megan originally told me this story when we were in class, so I couldn’t record it from her. When she sent me this story she included more details than the first time she told it to me. She had a contemplative tone as she began to tell it, but her tone gradually became more comical.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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