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Fall 11-3-2018

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Logan, Utah


Brian Utterback

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Brian Utterback is my little brother, younger than me by two years. He is currently going to Utah Valley University and is a sophomore studying construction management. When he is back home in California, Brian likes to ride dirt bikes, go shooting with friends, and drive around with our cousins, getting Dutch Bros. Now he splits up his time between going to school and working full time. My brother loves to tell ghost stories. He loves anything haunted and whenever he comes up to visit us, we usually spend our time watching scary movies and going to the nunnery or summoning Witch Hekeda.


Since he rarely comes up, I called him over the phone around 8 on a Saturday. I was in my apartment while he was down in Provo sitting in his bedroom. He usually tells this ghost story any time we get together with our friends or other family members. All of our friends know this story because our friend group would get together and watch movies at our house, and then afterwards my brother and I would tell them all the haunted stuff that had ever happened in our house.


B-So we were--what we were sitting there playing Rock--what was it Rock Star or whatever?

A-I think so. (Rock band?)

B-Rock Band or anyways one of those games. The volume was up pretty lo--it was during the summer Mom and Michael were gone. Just you and me at home. They were working. And it was probably--I don’t know it was late. It was like two or three. And we’re going ham on Rock Star. I was like beating the heck out of the drums you were on the guitar or whatever. And it was pretty loud to begin with right? The volume was all the way up. And it was like a rock song and we were just going ham. And dead--like in the middle--in the--out of nowhere in the middle of the song we just hear--and you heard it too--both both of us heard it mom’s voice go Briiiiiaaaan call my name and like--it was like--she said it longer than that like she--it sounded like--like it was like Briiiaaannn[elongates name in singsong voice] you know? It was kinda--and it was like

elongated too like she was saying it for a while. And you and I dead look at each other right in the middle of the song and I was like ‘Did you hear that?’ and you were like ‘yeah did you?’ and I was like ‘yeah!’ and um man we just booked it and ran down the--remember we starting running down to grandma and grandpa’s and Michael was like on his way home I think right there. Oh man that was the weirdest thing just--in like exactly Mom’s voice from upstairs. Ah that was the weirdest one. That was spooky as heck. That was exactly Mom’s voice too. That was weird.


Brian told this story fast, with a lot of enthusiasm. He didn't use very professional language, instead he told this story like he would when he was telling his best friend Ethan. His tone was very believable because of the casual language he was using. He remembered this incident. He didn't have to strive to remember or force himself to think back on the event, instead he could repeat the whole story without pause.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2018


G7: Unexplainable Phenomena

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