Weeping Woman or Angel

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Jake TurnerFollow

Date Collected

Fall 10-13-2018

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Logan, Utah


Jacob Turner

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This is a piece of folklore collected from my own experiences. I am a senior at Utah State University studying secondary education-history composite, with a minor in the classics. I am 21 years old. I am the Vice President of the Zombie Aggies Organization (ZAO) which is a campus wide game of tag that happens once a semester. I am not easily scared or spooked, so it’s an accomplishment for the thing/person who manages to do so.


The weeping woman is found in the Logan cemetery on Utah State University campus. The weeping woman is rumored to be wet around the face, as if it has been crying. Most occurrences are reported from legend trips taken at night. This example was retrieved from my own memory that has been told to others, and eventually I heard a different version of this story from a colleague. I heard the story of the weeping woman in my connections class, my freshman year, in the Fall of 2015. I have only heard variations of this story after my personal encounter with it. I plan to share this story with my students on Halloween once I enter the education field; as well as anybody I know who expresses interest in attending Utah State on the Logan campus.


I was having a rough week, and so I set out to find the weeping woman; a feat I had never accomplished before while it was dark outside, despite my three years of being on campus. I had watched a horror movie just before this excursion, and sought to scare myself in an attempt to feel something other than pain. I ventured into the graveyard from the West entrance, right by the Spectrum. I spent about ten minutes, as I am a slow walker, walking to the location I had marked on a map on my cell phone where the statue of the weeping woman was when I had visited during a previous trip during the day. I was astonished to find no statue where the map led; sure there was a mistake I spent thirty minutes wandering around hoping to find it, to no avail. I began my journey out of the graveyard, intending to exit the same way I entered; bummed that I was unsuccessful in my goal. I saw movement to my right-hand side, and turned just in time to see one of my friends jumping at me from behind a tree; he’d apparently followed me into the graveyard hoping to scare me. We walked together to the exit, but as we were about to exit, we saw movement, and turned to see the weeping woman right at the exit. Bewildered, and scared we ran. I returned the next day, followed my phone coordinates, and the statue was in the location I had previously marked. The next day I was told by a colleague, “that the weeping woman roams the graveyard, and doesn’t remain still, at night.” I couldn’t tell whether my phone had malfunctioned temporarily, or if I truly believed in the weeping angels, statues that are quantum-locked (don’t move while being observed) from Doctor Who. November 6, 2018 I heard the same story, just changed a little from a colleague who I hadn’t told the story to.


it was told from memory. I felt calm, and a little upset during this trip from the events of the previous week. I quickly became frustrated when I had failed again to find the statue during the night. Upon my exit from the graveyard I was a little scared, and confused about how the statue was right by the exit, as from previous experiences during the day it was always towards the center of the graveyard. I being the skeptic that I am, was sure my brain had played a trick on me; but, I swear I saw it. I always tell this as true because it happened to me. Telling it in the future I will probably tell it really dramatically, and move on super fast to a different topic to let whoever listened ponder, and let the fear sink in; also, in hopes they will make this legend trip, and relate their story to me. Any Whovian (name for people in the Doctor Who fandom) would be afraid to enter the graveyard after hearing this story; as weeping angels are one of the most enigmatic and scary enemies of the Doctor.


ENGL 2210 Intro to Folklore


Prof. McNeill

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Fall 2018


G7: Unexplainable Phenomena

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