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Winter 12-5-2018

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Logan, UT


Abby Fuller

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Abby Fuller is a sophomore at Utah State studying to become an elementary school teacher. She lives in Alpine, Utah when not at school, but originally from Connecticut but moved here when she was 7. She went to Lone Peak high school and danced there on the drill team. She is also my girlfriend and we have been dating for a little over a year now.


Abby and I were in my dorm room when she had told me about this. My roommates were all playing Red Dead Redemption 2 out in the living room of my dorm. I knew that Abby had danced on drill her freshman and sophomore year of highschool, and I figured that she would have had to have some stories about some sort of initiation. She was reluctant at first to let my interview because she thought that the things that she did for initiation was stupid and she made that very clear. We were both eating a crumble cookie with milk so her mouth was full at some parts of the story. My room, as always, smelt of coffee and I left my window open just a crack so it was a little bit cold, but not to cold. Abby was wrapped up in my blankets on my bed while I sat in my desk which is right next to my bed. She has been over to my dorm multiple times and was comfortable just hopping on to my bed.


Okay, when I was a freshman in highschool, I, auditioned for the drill team, and I made it, and each year, like we did like a team retreat, and that year we went up to Bear Lake to our coach’s cabin, and, I think it was like the first night we were there, like all the returners and like the captains were like oh we have to do this initiation thing. And, um, so all of like the new people that made the team had to like sit upstairs, and they would call us downstairs like one by one, and so, when I got down there all of like the returners were like sitting in a circle and I had to go sit in the middle. And like they put a blanket on top of me, and then they did this whole like, story kind of, thing, about how you are in a desert and you are hot and you have to take, like, take stuff off of you, to stay alive, and so you would like sit under there and you would like slowly take off one like, thing at a time, and then, um, finally you discovered that you could take off the blanket, cause that is something that is on you, you could get sit on the outside with like all of the returners and then the next person could come down, and they would do the same thing. And ya, and also the next year I was on drill and we had to go to like the same, retreat thing, and we were not allowed to do invitations because the school board banned them from happening.


You could definitely tell that Abby thought that this whole thing that she had to do was stupid. I know that she had quite drill the next year, so she obviously did not like it, and this was no exception. She had to pause and think a lot because it happened so long ago, and probably because it wasn't something that really stood out in her life as a good time. She had been debating between telling me this initiation story or another and she said that the other one was so dumb that was not going to tell it to me so that I could write it down. She didn’t say anything else about the retreat as a whole, so it must not of been that fun overall to her. I think that if she was talking about this to someone from her old highschool about this she would not of been so blatant with how much she did not like it, but I don’t think she would tell them that she liked it either. I have known Abby for more than a year and had never heard this story, so that also tell how much it meant to her.


ENGL 2210


Dr. Lynn McNeil

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Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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