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Winter 12-2-2018

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Logan, Utah


Ethan Dixon

Point of Discovery/Informant Bio

Ethan is one of my roommates in Snow hall 501. Ethan was born and raised in Lehi, Utah and is the youngest of 5. He is super into music and is often found playing the guitar or playing his “flute” (recorder). He, along with two of my other roommates, come from a large +20 person friend group. Ethan loves socializing and can talk for hours about anything so he is an enthralling storyteller. Ethan plans on leaving on an LDS mission at the conclusion of Spring semester 2019 and it currently torn between pursuing a relationship and leaving it as just a good friendship, so he always has love on the brain.


Ethan has admitted on occasion that he had kissed far too many people early on in his life. He calls his middle school and first two years of high school his hoe years. Ethan is currently in a non-romantic relationship that he is quite committed to so he often reflects on his “hoe years” of kissing many people, despite not having kissed anyone this semester. Ethan has told this story a couple of times before that I have been fortunate enough to hear. This particular instance took place at like 1A.M. so everyone was in a sleep deprived high. The people in the room while this story was told was Ethan (the storyteller) Myself (the reporter) two girls who live across the hall and another of my roommates named Nathan. The girls came over and started this story telling campaign because one is leaving on a mission at the end of the semester so we were all just sitting around and enjoying each other’s company. Ethan always takes the chance to tell this story so the context this was told was pretty natural especially because I didn’t prompt this story but I could feel when it was going to be told.


I wasn’t quick on getting my voice recorder, so I missed a little bit of the story, but basically Ethan prefaced the story with how he had kissed someone on June 30, all I had missed was the statement of kissing.

E: Every June 30th since I was like 12 (others around state their admiration) 12 or 13 cause its my buddies birthday and we just brought girls over every time. but um I brought this girl over and then she drove me home it was like one in the morning and this was before my mom was like chill with me chil [cuts himself off] staying out super late cause that was like sophomore year and so we were driving up] to my house and there was just this lookout and then she pulls into the lookout. Like I’m so tired[rubs his face into his hands as kids do when they are tired.] And then but like I thought she’s cute I want to kiss her so I got hyped. Started talking to her and whatever and then uh we start kissing a little bit and then it like stops and then the scariest thing happened this is what happened I remember her right hand is this [places his hand on his thigh and runs it over his hips][crowd laughs] right here goes right over my donger continues and then she pulls the handle lever and I fall back and nail my head on the effing bed or whatever. Nail my head and by the time im like conscious again shes like on top of me like normally I would be like this is sick but the second that happened just like instincts of I need to get out of here. Ive never been that scared in my entire life. So shes on top of me and we probably made out for like 25 seconds then I was like hey I probably need to get back home. And she drove me home. Ghosted her for the rest of my life.

*This interview continues on another piece of folklore titled “Trunking Gone Wrong: An Ethan Dixon Story” filed under pranks and games*


Like I stated in the informant bio my roommate love to tell stories and is a very enthralling storyteller. Ethan has a very distinct laugh which makes his stories easygoing and quite stress free. The feeling in the room was jovial and happy despite the impending loss of a friend. Ethan was animated and used his hands a lot in the story telling process and changed his facial expressions to relive the experience of having someone make out with him that he didn’t want to make out with.


ENGL 2210


Lynne McNeill

Semester and year

Fall 2018


G6: Pranks

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