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Fall 11-25-2017



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Hayley is a 23 year old white female who attended Utah State from 2013-2014. She got married the summer after that school year and transferred to the University of Utah where she is studying marketing. She played lacrosse and Notre Dame before transferring to USU.


Hayley was ecstatic to tell me this story. I asked her to email me but she actually called me because she didn’t want to have anything lost in translation. She was in Murray when she called me and we talked for upwards of ten minutes.


Dylan told me about the nunnery my sophomore year of college, however it was my first year at USU. I remember it being about how any nun that got pregnant would be moved to the nunnery in Logan Canyon to have their baby drowned in the swimming pool and then the nun would usually be killed too. I had only lived in Logan a month after transferring and didn’t know too many people, so I jumped at the chance to go on an adventure and asked if we could go. It took us a couple tries to find it, but once we did we got a really big group and went. We went through the pool, went into some big building with bats and footprints and I think that Jackson said there might be a homeless guy in there. Then we spent some time in the broken down building just looking at the walls and stuff. I remember we spent like 20 minutes going building to building and being pretty bummed when the buildings were all locked. It was so cool though, one of my favorite memories.


Hayley was by far the most excited about the prospect of the nunnery when I first told them the legend, and it seems that nothing has changed in the three years since. She was excited to be able to tell the story again, almost as if she has been wanting to tell it for a while but has already told it to most of the people that she knows, which she told me that she had.


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Lynne McNeill

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Fall 2017


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