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Electrospinning and Characterization of PEO/Spider Silk Core-Shell Nanofibers Yarns, Ethan Abbot; USU Student Showcase

What's Beneath Our Feet? Applications of Near-Surface Geophysical Methods, Isaac Allred; USU Student Showcase

How Many Class II Wells Present a Risk for Induced Seismicity?, Isaac Allre, Michael David, and Berry Parslow; USU Student Showcase


Long-­‐Term Evaluation of Leafy Spurge Biological Control at Richmond, Utah, Jacob Anderson; Research On Capitol Hill 2014

Wind Speed at High Altitude, Heath Apo; USU Student Showcase

Impact of Students' Perception of Resident Life Staff and Sense of Community on Student Grades and Retention, Kayla Arrington; USU Student Showcase

How Consistent are Personality Profiles Across Nations?, Shane Baker; USU Student Showcase

Piriform Silk Production, Jordan Ballam; USU Student Showcase

A mediation Model of Sexual Assault in a Conservative Culture, Analise Barker; USU Student Showcase

Understanding the Effect of Salinity Change on Community Structure in The Great Salt Lake, Utah, Brian Barnes; USU Student Showcase

Neutral Density Climatology of the Mesosphere Taken by the Green Beam Above USU, David Barton; USU Student Showcase

Sensitivity of Subarctic Trees to Highway-Related Effects on Permafrost, Abby Baur, Meghan Kershner, and Justin DeRose; USU Student Showcase

Sediment Loads in the Minnesota River Increase the Rate of Channel Migration, Tim Beach; USU Student Showcase

Development and Use of Albumin Conformation Manipulating Exchanger (ACME) for Targeted Drug Delivery System for Kidney and Liver Failure Patients using Human Serum Albumin, Sean Bedingfield, Sara Gertsch, and Stephanie Lawanto; USU Student Showcase

Spider Goats: Maximizing Spider-Silk Protein Recovery per Volume of Milk Processed, Brianne Bell, Thomas Harris, S Ivan Bartlett, Christina Plaizier, and Heidi Bringhurst; USU Student Showcase

Motivation and Achievement in Tennis, Scott Bentley; USU Student Showcase

Creating an Electronic Analog of a Stomatal Network, David Berg; USU Student Showcase

The Effect of Radiogenic Heat on Mountain Buidling, Michael Berry; USU Student Showcase

Studying the Effects of Magnetic Storms on the Earth's Magnetosphere, Nicholas Biggs; USU Student Showcase

Facile Preparation of Nickel Sulfide Films for Electrocatalytic Water Reduction to Hydrogen, Lia Bogoev; USU Student Showcase


Truman, Kennedy, and Reagan: The Impact of Assassination Attempts on the Culture of the U.S. Secret Service, Briana Bowen; Research On Capitol Hill 2014

The New Life of Feathers, Madison Bradford; USU Student Showcase

Identification of Diet Supplements for Elk Management, Hope Braithwaite and Tim Bateman; USU Student Showcase

If Numbers Could Speak: Bringing "Quantified Self" to an Alternative Demographic, Mary Briggs; USU Student Showcase

Late Middle-Late OrdovicianSwan Peak Formation, Bear River Range: Further Evaluation of Provenance and Depositional Controls, Garrett Brikerhoff; USU Student Showcase

The Use Spider Silk Films and Hydrogels as Scaffolds, Heidi Bringhurst, Chauncey Tucker, and Justin Jones; USU Student Showcase

Synthetic Spider Silk Production in Alfalfa, Cameron Brock, Michaela Hugie, and Holly Steinkraus; USU Student Showcase

Constructing a Flat Field for Scientific Astronomical Imaging, Catharine Bunn; USU Student Showcase

Mapping Inflows, Diversions, and Vegetation Along the Lower Bear River Basin, Amberlee Burrows and Leah Langdon; USU Student Showcase

Why Do You Wear That? Microaggressions Against Muslim Women Wearing Hijab: A Literature Review, Jennifer Campbell; USU Student Showcase

Computational Modeling of the Quantum Dynamics of HCN-4-He Clusters, Ryan Carlsen; USU Student Showcase


Health Literacy and Children Language Brokers: How Bilingual Children and Spanish- Speaking Parents Navigate the Medical Setting, Luz Maria Carreno; Presented at Utah Council for Undergraduate Research, February 28, 2014

Stochastic Variations of Cathodoluminescent Intensity of Biphenol/Amine Epoxy Exposed to Energetic Electron Bombardment, Justin Christensen and Justin Dekany; USU Student Showcase

An Affordable Lightweight UAV Launch System, Rick Cressall, Thomas Fisher, Joshua Salisbury, Chris Shelton, Jon Thorne, Sam Weiss, and Eric Willeitner; USU Student Showcase

The Influence of Movement Kinematics and Visual Feedback on the Bimanual Advantage in Human Interval Timing, Daisha Cummins, Zach T. Skabelund, Kodey Myers, Martin Kent, and Breanna E. Studenka; USU Student Showcase

Promontory, Nate Decker and Nathan Fox; USU Student Showcase

Gingerism in Utah: The Most Obscure Discrimination, Adam Durfee; USU Student Showcase

An Activating Killer-Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor (KIR) Gene-Content Haplotype (cB01) is Increased in Autism, Annelise Dykes; USU Student Showcase

Studies on the Single HLA-G Nucleotide Deletion in African American Women with Preeclamspia, Taylor Eggertsen and Christopher Peterson; USU Student Showcase

GASPACS Structure: Designing to Survive, John Ellis; USU Student Showcase

Classroom Amplification, Kalley Ellis; USU Student Showcase


Plant-­‐Soil Feedback of Native and Exotic Species in the Intermountain West, Molly Van Engelenhoven; Presented at Utah Council for Undergraduate Research, February 28, 2014

Processes of Electron Beam Lithography Using a Scanning Electron Microscope, Gregory Erickson; USU Student Showcase

Uptake of Nutrients in Dairy Waste Water Using RABR Based Algae Biotechnology, Zachary Fica; USU Student Showcase

Comparison of Infrared Gas Analyzer and Sonic Anemometer (IRGASON) with CSAT3 Sonic Anemometer, Dylan Finlayson; USU Student Showcase

Cloning and Expression for the Future Characteriz Action of the Air2 Protein, Emily Frampton; USU Student Showcase

Passive Attitude Control for Nano-Satellites, Micah Fry; USU Student Showcase

Thermal Properties Measurements of Surrogate Nuclear Fuel Compacts Using the 3-Omega Technique, Levi Gardner; USU Student Showcase

Spider Silk Coatings, Danielle Gaztambide; USU Student Showcase

Designing and Testing Harvesting Devices for Rotating Algal Biofilm Reactors (RABR)., Tyler Gladwin, Cody Maxfield, Sean Bedingfield, Taylor Robins, and Weston Craig; USU Student Showcase

Narcocorridos: Ballads of the Anti-Hegemonic Cultural Movement in Mexico, Matthew Greenhalgh; USU Student Showcase

Coyote Numerical Discrimination on Based Memor, Kevin L. Grunig and Salif Mahamane; USU Student Showcase

Electrostatic Discharge Breakdown Analysis, Samual Hansen and Allen Anderson; USU Student Showcase

Ecological Factors Related to Child Task Completion, Chelnecha Hardy; USU Student Showcase

The Emergence of Christian Asceticism, Benjamin Harman; USU Student Showcase

High Precision Rapid Convergence of Asian Options, Mario Harper; USU Student Showcase

Designing and Implementing Environmental Sustainability Curricula for the Latino Community in Logan, Utah, Ivy Harvey; USU Student Showcase

Phylogenetic Placement of the Genus Tricholosporum by DNA Sequencing, Katelyn Heaton; USU Student Showcase

Forward Model for Temperature Derivation from Atmospheric Lidar, Jaren Hobbs; USU Student Showcase

Transitioning Benefits of Algal Growth to Non Potable Water Sources, Alan Hodges, Ronald Sims, Jon Wood, and Tyler Gladwin; USU Student Showcase

The Utah Immigrant Experience: Social Services and Setbacks, Grant Holyoak; USU Student Showcase

The Bra and its Effects on Women and Society, Amelia Hooper; USU Student Showcase

LED Solar Simulator, Justin Hunt and Nathan Phillips; USU Student Showcase

Meeting the Needs of Refugees in Utah Through Interior Design, Valerie Jenkins; USU Student Showcase

Freedom Versus Regulation, Sarah King; USU Student Showcase

Exploring the Potential of Video Games as Educational and Story-Telling Tools, Kelsen Kitchen; USU Student Showcase

Bio-Inspired Calcium-Containing Manganese Catalysts for Water Oxidation, Nick Labrum; USU Student Showcase

Comparing the TDIM Ionosphere Model to PFISR Measurements With Regards to the Mother's Day Solar Flares, Maggie Lewis; USU Student Showcase

Improved Conductivity Measurements of Highly Disordered Insulating Materials, Phillip Lundgreen; USU Student Showcase

Categorization of Mixed-Environment Photos By Adults and Children, Thomas Lyon; USU Student Showcase

Exploration of Familial Support Themes: Same-Sex Attracted Latter Day Saints, McKay Mattingly; USU Student Showcase

Protecting the Assets of Public Schoolchildren, John Maynes; USU Student Showcase

Examining the Feasibility of an EEG Brain-Computer Interface Device in Assessing Mindfulness in Mediation Naive Rural Adults: A Pilot Study, Courtney Milner and Amy Bates; USU Student Showcase

PCR for Amplification of WC2 a FRH Interacting Protein, Laura Mortenson; USU Student Showcase

PCR for Amplification of WC2 a Key Regulator of Circadian Rhythm in Neurospora crassa, Laura Mortenson; USU Student Showcase

Energy Expenditure of Jumping with a Divided Rope With and Without a Weighted Rope Compared to Running, Kyle Niedrich and Stuart Hepworth; USU Student Showcase

Broken and Expelled Sand of a Delta of Lake Bonneville: A Record of Ancient Earthquakes?, Justin Oakeson; USU Student Showcase

Synthetic Spider Silk Adhesives, Andrea Olson, Ashley Chauncey, and Ruben Tucker; USU Student Showcase

Spider Silk Gene Expression in Chimeric Bombyx Mori (Silkworm), Ryan Pack; USU Student Showcase

Variance in Stomatal Size and Density Between Triploid and Diploid Quaking Aspen (Populus Tremuloides) in Utah, Brianne Palmer

Spider Silk Advancements, Brittany Patterson; USU Student Showcase

Recommendations for Publishing a Student Anthology, Ariel Peterson; USU Student Showcase

The Unique Message of Extreme Hula Hooping, Madison Pope; USU Student Showcase

Art for Air, Madison Pope, Andrew Bayles, Paige Gardner, and Kate Gourley; USU Student Showcase

Effect of Verbal Instruction on Depth Jump Performance, Tony Popoca and Talin Louder; USU Student Showcase


Shaping Carbon Nanotube Forests for Field Emission, Benjamin Pound; USU Student Showcase

Food $ense Social Media Outreach-Table for One Blog, Chelsea Preedy; USU Student Showcase

Kinetic Characterization of a PRMT1 C253S Mutant, Owen Price, Damen Nitzel, and Laurel Gui; USU Student Showcase

Effects of Varying Levels of Hypoxia on Muscle Oxygenation During Leg Exercise, Michael Rees; USU Student Showcase

Effects of Water Quality on Fish Species in Cutler Reservoir, Jamie Reynolds; USU Student Showcase

Completing the Genome of Nitrosospira briensis, Marlen Rice; USU Student Showcase

Investigating the Vibrational Properties of Hexagonal Close-Packed Solids Using an Embedded-Atom-Method Model, Joseph Richardson; USU Student Showcase

Effects of Hypoxia on Heart Rate and Oxygen Saturation, Brady Robertson; USU Student Showcase

Identifying the Stage-Flow Relationship and Seasonal Fluctuations in Flow of the Lower Bear River, Isaac Robertson and Taylor Dudunake; USU Student Showcase

Designing an Artificial Tendon/Graft Derived from Silkworm Silk and Synthetic Spider Silk With Respect to Structure, Mechanical Properties, Biocompatibility, and Attatchment, Federico Rodriguez, Thomas Harris, and Neal Hengge; USU Student Showcase

Increased Investment in a University Employee Wellness Program and its Impact on Participation and Health Care Costs, Hannah Rush; USU Student Showcase

Recreating Fashion: A dress in 1530, BrookeLynne Sanders; USU Student Showcase

Effects of Varying Levels of Hypoxia on Balance and Sensory Function, Skyler Saunders; USU Student Showcase

Approaching the Edge of Chaos: A Study of the Complexity of Simple Life Using a Cellular Automata, Stephen Saunders; USU Student Showcase

Assessment of Visual-Motor Tracking Following Concussion, David Smith; USU Student Showcase