The Unique Message of Extreme Hula Hooping


Madison Pope

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USU Student Showcase

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Faculty Mentor

Alan Hashimoto


For the past two years, I have been meeting with and filming 26 year old Ryan Mertaugh. Ryan lives in Jackson Hole Wyoming - an environment that is steeped in mountain culture, where life revolves around having a connection to the outdoors. Ryan has added his own signature to this framework by developing the art of parkour Hula Hooping. Ryan has further developed the act of hula hooping into performance art, using it as a form to challenge perceptions of social norms and cause viewers to reevaluate their current reality. Last winter he began a journey to hula hoop on top of several peaks in the Teton Mountain Range. I have worked to capture and compile a record of this venture into a documentary film. This film shares the remarkable expedition and the surprising discoveries that were made along the way.

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