Freedom Versus Regulation


Sarah King

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USU Student Showcase

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It is clearly observed that research and experimentation are important aspects of surviving as a race, yet when humans are involved the government and the regulating agencies need to be aware and somewhat involved in the research. In 1946-1948 there were 83 deaths in Guatemala because of human research. The subjects had no idea they were getting purposefully infected with syphilis and only getting treated with penicillin. It is almost unimaginable that human beings could be okay with infecting innocent people with a terrible, painful, and sometimes lethal disease. During that time period most of the focus gets put on the Holocaust and the inhumane experiments being done there, while at the same time people from the United States, our own country, and were killing others in order to get the research wanted. Our own government was involved with this experiment and it shouldn't have happened.

Certain types of regulation should be used when it comes to human experiments. The subjects should be informed about every single detail involved; they should consent to the experiment, and also be aware of the problems or possible consequences of the experiment. The selection of subjects should be equal and the risks to the subject should be as minimal as possible. At the same time there should be a set parameter where government can be involved. Some people aren't able to get the research and information they need, even when they aren't giving people syphilis or causing children to go hungry, because the government and the IRB_s watch specific details so closely. Certain experiments need empathy and compassion and the IRB's strict guidelines can take out the personal part of the research. When studying cosmetic surgery the IRB made a sociologist to get permission slips signed in order to talk to the patients and the girl states, "Hi, may I ask you intimate questions about what you hate about your body, what heroic medical interventions you will undergo, and how you'll finance it?" This example weakens out the ability for the client to talk and relate to the questioner Humans have the right to think abstractly and explore different ideas in the world. That's why we were born with a brain and the ability to think logically. Awareness just needs to be in the air so the researchers won't hurt, embarrass, or lie to their clients. Everything should be on the table; no lies. Government needs to be protecting human rights as well as the ability to imagine and think freely.

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